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1. Total Spanish School - Comuna 14 - El Poblado

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· 135 reviews

Carrera 37 #8-05, calle Vía Primavera, Medellín, Antioquia, Colombia

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Total Spanish School: what do users think?

Davaalai10: Great 1 week at Total Spanish Group class as a complete beginner. Our cohort had a bit of larger group but still worked well overall. The staff are professional. Highlight to Maritza as the instructor who worked with the group very well and was attentive, focused but still flexible enough to accomodate each student and able to make each lesson fun and enjoyable with such a bright personality!

Patrick Murphy: I was extremely impressed with caliber of instruction. I was in a more advanced level and put into private instruction for the three weeks I was there. I can't speak to what group classes are like but each teacher I worked with was great. Very professional with high attention to detail. Highly recommended!

Egirde Villa: Recomiendo esta escuela para quienes quieran aprender hablar español. Buena atención y profesores. Y el lugar donde se encuentra está rodeado de naturaleza 👍

Pri M: , Nayi

Simon Varin: . The teachers know how to combine a serious program

Joe Rassam: Brilliant school and all the staff are really friendly and welcoming.I did three weeks of group with some private classes and massively improved in that time.Most of my lessons were with bivanni who is fantastic as I'm sure all of the teachers are.Would certainly recommend.Gracias por todo 🙏

Anna Robbins: with my heroes Estefania, Santiago, and Nayi, and it was such a special experience. From my very first email inquiry until my last day, Cindy and Kimberly and all the staff made me feel so welcome and at home here. Everything is incredibly organized, personalized, and professional, and the teachers are brilliant and taught me so much. They also organize daily activities and tours for the students to experience more of the city. Overall, it is such a beautiful learning community. There are many options of Spanish schools in Medellin and Poblado, and I cannot imagine that any of them exceed Total Spanish. You will not find a place that offers a better experience!

Zefan: . I had two teachers, Santiago and David; both were incredible and I appreciated all of our casual conversations about Colombian life and culture. They were interesting, friendly people that I would have enjoyed spending time with in any context, and they definitely loved teaching. The entire staff is absolutely amazing; I felt like I had a home in Medellin. Daily tours were a

B. K.: Communication with the school was easy at all times and the after school activities are also fun!muchísimas gracias!

Stefan Lindmair: Any time. Perfect organization. Great team.

Feather Theatre: . The afternoon activities were really informative and it was great to learn about Medellin from people who have grown up here. Would give it more stars if I could, best school in medellin

2. BaseLang Spanish School - Comuna 11 - Laureles-Estadio



· 60 reviews

Cra. 77 ##39-40, Medellín, Antioquia, Colombia

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BaseLang Spanish School: what do users think?

Jay: This is one of the best Unlimited Spanish School Online or located in Medellín. I am not perfect speaking but I’m extremely happy of the knowledge I’ve gained. I would definitely recommend 💯

David Campbell: Best Spanish school in Medellin. I highly recommend Baselang. All the teachers are passionate about what they do and are extremely friendly. I signed up for 6 weeks of classes for two hours a day and have learned so much. Great location in Laureles and amazing coffee included. Keep up the great work!

Patron Entb: 3xelente

All We Do is Twin User: I am so glad I came BACK to Baselang after trying some private teachers. I am in the $149 group and yes you have to find your person and select your classes before they get taken but that is the only draw back. I have been with the program now for 3 years and I have made a ton of friends and connections with my teachers. I don't always have someone to talk to but now I always have someone to talk to. Thank goodness. I can cancel my class at the last minute or I can jump into a class at the last second. My accent is great and I understand just about everything anymore. Definitely worth trying.

Brian F: Baselang en la primera escuela para aprender Español en todo el mundo! Muchas gracias por la educación. Dany es mi profesora favorita!

Andrew Crosby: Baselang is a great language school, extremely flexible with booking classes, even at the last minute. I have an online subscription to take classes remotely, when I visited Medellin they easily changed it to an in-person subscription during my trip. You can easily try different instructors to find those that match your style or mood. Highly recommended.

Ezra Dotson: I just fished taking a month of classes here, and I loved it! My teachers here was extremely patient with me and helped me to progress so far in my ability to speak Spanish. I started from the very beginning and after a month I am now able to have basic conversations with different people here in Columbia! I am so grateful for my time here at BaseLang!

Lonn Anderson: I came to Medellin a low intermediate Spanish speaker. The first week I took classes at a different school that utilized group classes. The following week they were closed for the Christmas and New Year holidays. I wanted to continue my lessons and Baselang was open and I am so glad. There, I went to daily classes that were 2 hours long and were one-to-one with a teacher of my choosing. I alternated on different days so I could hear different accents. Also, while enrolled for in-person classes I could also take unlimited online classes. Again, for me it was important to hear different voices from different countries so I could improve my comprehension. After my Baselang lessons and 4 weeks in Medellin, I am quite proud of my Spanish progress! At least for me, Baselang's methods and approach are the best.

3. Elefun Spanish School - Comuna 11 - Laureles-Estadio

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· 62 reviews

Cl. 45f ##70a-48, Medellín, Antioquia, Colombia

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4. Eso es Spanish School - Comuna 14 - El Poblado

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· 4 reviews

Tv. 5a ##45 140, Medellín, Antioquia, Colombia

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5. El Dorado Spanish School - Envigado

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· 53 reviews

Cl. 30 Sur ## 43A 51, Envigado, Antioquia, Colombia

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El Dorado Spanish School: what do users think?

Emili de Reus: I have been taking Spanish courses from El Dorado for 2 months now and feel that I have improved my skills much more than I thought I could. I was hesitant at first, as I hadn't had the best experience with other language schools in the past. However, I found that the teachers care a lot about helping you reach your goals and personalize your classes, which made me want to continue my lessons here. Also, the teaching methods are far from boring; they use a lot of interactive techniques and a mix of speaking, reading, pronunciation, and grammar, which I really enjoy. I highly recommend El Dorado for anyone looking to improve their Spanish and wishing to do so in an enjoyable way. ¡Gracias, El Dorado!

Jessica Surdel: Great school that can help you get your student visa. I applied for 1 year and I got a visa for a full year. Other agencies told me it's impossible and only universities can grant me a visa for 1 year but I did it anyway with El Dorado and I was successful. You can rely on them 100%

Andrew Hoffman: Great classes and teachers, excellent assistance with my student visa! Thank you!

Josmayric Poriet: Me gusto mucho, tienen ofertas increíbles y el tiempo que tengo estudiando mi ingles a mejorado muchisimo ya que las practicas son diarias. Super recomendado

Ryan O'Connor: I have taken several weeks of Spanish classes from El Dorado and had a very good experience. My instructor Jhoana has been fantastic! I started classes with minimal comprehension of Spanish and my communication skills have improved more and faster than I thought possible. I find that I look forward to classes and thoroughly enjoy my time spent learning. These results are a direct consequence of Jhoana’s approach and patients for teaching Spanish. Thank you!

Markus Ingelsson: I took private classes for 4 weeks during my stay in Medellin. Their pricing is very good and my Spanish improved significantly. The staff is personable, friendly and knowledgeable. The classes are 1.5 hours long and run Monday through Thursday, which leaves much time to enjoy the city and its surroundings. Definitely worth it!

Jill Shealy: Tomé clases durante un mes en la escuela de idiomas El Dorado. Estoy tan feliz de haberlo hecho ... mis clases realmente me han ayudado a navegar por la ciudad y me siento mucho más cómodo viviendo aquí. Vale la pena mencionar que tengo 52 años. Me resistía a tomar clases porque dudaba de mi capacidad para mantenerme al día con los estudiantes más jóvenes. Los empleados de El Dorado fueron muy solidarios y pacientes. Un agradecimiento especial a mi maestro, Julio, quien es el mejor maestro de todos los tiempos.

Jean-François Hung: !

Christian Le Coq: I had a great time at El Dorado Spanish School and can only send them my warmest recommendations. I arrived in Medellín with zero knowledge of Spanish, but after a 24-hours private-course I now feel way more secure in the language and are able to communicate in everyday conversations. Gracias por todos!

Jim Auber: The teachers and the administrators at El Dorado were excellent, friendly, and helpful always and in all areas where anyone might need help. The teachers were very good at teaching, knowledgeable about the grammar, and patient. I learned so much and enjoyed all of it. Rest assured you will be well taken care of at El Dorado. Envigado is also an excellent place to take clases. It has a local Colombia feel to it, is safe, everyone is friendly, and it is easy to get around either by walking or with local public transportation.

Carina Paju: ¡Gracias por todo! I took Spanish classes in El Dorado for two weeks and enjoyed the very friendly staff & flexibility of the personalized classes. Got to focus on topics and areas I felt most lacking in. Was a pleasure every day, thank you!

Michael Mackenzie: Llegué con un nivel bastante avanzado, pero el profesor me ayudó a desarrollar las lecciones para abordar mis áreas problemáticas específicas. Salí de las clases sintiendo mucho más cómodo con el idioma. ¡Les recomiendo a todos El Dorado Spanish School!

Santiago Ospina-Diaz: I highly recommend El Dorado for thoughs wanting to learn how write, read and SPEAK Spanish! I was studying here 2 months with a group and got steady results until I went to EAFIT to see how well there courses were. However I didn't like how unpersonalized it was and didn't get that much help from a teacher. I came back to El Dorado for private lessons and in another two months was able to understand texts and write in Spanish. More importantly to speak proberly in the correct tense. I sincerely recommend learning at El Dorado 👌😎

Scott Brewer: and it has been a great experience. I’m 63 years old and have only been exposed to minimal Spanish before. Upon entering the program I was skeptical on my ability to learn Spanish and keep up. They have by far exceeded my expectations. Johan is my instructor and he has put together a program that fits my needs and my learning curve. It’s very challenging, but also fun. I highly recommend this school/program for anyone that’s serious about learning Spanish…..

6. Blink Spanish Immersion School & Hostel - Comuna 14 - El Poblado

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· 76 reviews

Cl. 12 ##43d-19, Medellín, Antioquia, Colombia

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Blink Spanish Immersion School & Hostel: what do users think?

Mika H.: The restaurant is really nice. Loved the food very traditional, and the service was excellent. The hostel was ok but it has many humidity problems. The teacher are really professional and friendly. Group lessons have much grammar. It would have been great to practice more conversation. The owner was a good person but he was unable to control his emotions so sometimes he could be very rude to students and teachers as well, and mostly in front of other people. That definitely should change since it gives a bad image of the school. He needs to be more careful when he feels stressed or angry I think so.

Sophie Keegan: Angi at reception is a ray of sunshine! She made myself and so many of us feel welcome and want to stay longer. The teachers are also great. The school organises activities for the evenings and weekends so you won’t ever be at a loose end. The dorms are basic but the biggest beds I’ve slept on in a hostel. Would recommend staying two weeks.

Matt Norris: I had the best week of private lessons with Laura. Fun and engaging teacher, highly recommend.

Natalie Akam: The school is a lot of fun, quite intense with a mixture of group and private classes and homework to complete every day. I felt we covered quite a lot and the private classes were a good chance to go over concepts 1:1 and practice speaking. I found my profesora very inspiring and fun to learn from, and in fact all the teachers I met were lovely humans, well qualified and good at what they do. The hostel itself is fairly basic and IMO could do with some larger and more comfortable common areas

Jessica Ireland: I stayed at Blink for a total of 5 weeks and it greatly improved my Spanish. I actually came for one week and liked it so much that I came back to Colombia a couple months later to study again. I took both group and private classes. The teaching is of really good quality and the hostel is very social. It’s hard to leave! Whether you know no Spanish or are looking to improve, I couldn’t recommend Blink enough!

Cam G Scott: Best Spanish School in Medellin! The structure of their curriculum and small class sizes are perfect for anyone whether you studied bit before coming or don't know the language at all. They have well qualified professors who are all very patient and well knowledgeable of how to teach in a way that anyone can catch on quickly and become conversationally proficient in no time. I learned a lot in just the first 2 weeks and was able to confidently communicate with the locals without a translator. I really like the hostel as well as the tours and social events, too! Together, they create a great environment to interact with locals and also with other students at different levels. Definitely a great value for the price. I recommend this school to anyone who is serious about learning Spanish.

L. Danielle: Great school for learning spanish! Good teachers, good food. They organise activities during the week.Very good price!

Isabella A: I had private lessons with Carolina at Blink for one week. The classes were very clear and fun and Carolina has the sweetest heart. Would recommend!

Élisabeth Groulx: I loved my week at Blink, especially thanks to my teacher Maria Arango who made learning Spanish really enjoyable! We even went for a walk in the neighborhood during the last class and I found that this special little outing was a wonderful embodiment of our learning for the week!

J.M. Wallnofer: in Poblado

Flora Lonie: . It also had a social atmosphere between students/ staff and good social areas in the hostel. One thing that also stood out about Blink was the positive nature of the business - the owner was really passionate about making sure staff were treated well and I think this really shone through in the whole vibe of the school.I would personally recommend staying here for at least a few weeks - we initially planned to stay only one week but extended our stay to three

Chloe Foster: Just finished two weeks at blink and it was amazing!!!! My teacher, professor Aura, was so amazing, she made every class fun, we played games to practice our Spanish, she was patient with us and we laughed a lot in every lesson. I will miss seeing her everyday! ❤️ I can’t believe how much Spanish I’ve learnt in two weeks and I leave feeling so much more confident. Definitely recommend this school, much better than the previous one I’ve been to!

Smart_art: I really enjoyed my time here. The accommodation is amazing. They have a balcony, 2 modern clean kitchens, guitar, book shelf, comfy beds with curtains and tables to learn Spanish. The classrooms are tiny but u also learn with just a couple of people, so it’s perfect. The lunch and breakfast are really good and big portions. Not only the staff was super nice and helpful. But also the students were super open. It was so easy to make friends.The locations is perfect. There are bars, laundry, cafes and supermarkets just nearby. It’s also safe compared to other places in Medellin. You just walk 15 minutes to the clubs/bars.The teachers are all really qualified. The classes were fun and informative because my teacher also thought us slang words or the history about Medellin. We learned a lot about grammar. The private lessons were extremely helpful. I wish I had more !I can’t say anything bad about blink just highly recommend it to everyone who wants to improve their Spanish and have a fun time in Medellin.

7. Centro Catalina - Comuna 14 - El Poblado

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· 26 reviews

Calle 7D n°43A-106 El Poblado, Medellin, Medellín, Colombia

Address WhatsApp
Centro Catalina: what do users think?

Patrick Sandach: with a fixed teacher.You can also live on the school property and get food provided, but I didn't do that. Those students seemed to be happy too though.The school is very routined in feeling their students welcome. Almost every day there is an activity preorganized to get to know not only the language, but also the city and culture.What I appreciated the most though: I like to discover these things myself and they were very good in sensing if someone is just shy and needs a little push or, as with me, just not interested too much in that stuff. And they just respected that without putting pressure on me.A bonus heart goes to the

camille schutz: . Todo el equipo es muy amable y hice muchas amistades con estudiantes que estaban en la escuela solo durante una o dos semanas. Solo puedo recomendar esta escuela en una casita muy encantadora con un jardín en el barrio del Poblado en Medellín. Es una experiencia increíble. Voy a extrañar Medellin y la familia Centro Catalina !

Sarina Cozzio: It was an excellent experience I added 3 more weeks and it's totally worth it.Highly recommended 😊Thank you very much to everything.

Michael Friesenegger: Wow! The teachers and staff are so kind and professional. They actually care and take interest in their students. I 10/10 would study here again!!

Ham Salad: Muy bien!!!!! Gracias por todo!

Lukas Steiner: Todas las personas son muy amables y ayudan mucho con todas las preguntas. Las actividades fueron muy divertido y interessante. Gracias a Centro Catalina

LENER PARDO: , hay cocina, también una zona de desayuno. Manejan buenos precios, en la línea que está, brindan información, al igual que la página.No solo brindan clases, también salidas turísticas, clases de gastronomía, clases de baile y mucho más.

Eveline Tellenbach: The location is very central and they also offer student dormitories at the school. There are 5-6 activities per week to get to know the city and the region better - most of them free of charge. I would always go back - thanks for the great time!

Alex: I've now visited Centro Catalina 3 times, twice in Cartagena and once in Medellin. Having visited a number of Spanish language schools in various countries, Centro Catalina is without a doubt the best, including in terms of the quality of teaching, social atmosphere, and excellent homestays. Look no further!

Caro Line: The best place to lern Spanish in Medellin!! Me encanta 😍I have been there 2 weeks and it feels like family. The best team!! Big thanks to Hellen Yolanda, Camille and of course Papi Yimer!I have never spoken that much Spanish befor. Muchas gracias a Jaqueline y Danielle.Everyday is an activity and it never gets boring. Mucho divertido.

Melanie Liedoll: Great school! The teachers are very competent and also very approachable as a person. You are challenged, but not overwhelmed. The group size was good, the content was interesting and there was room for fun and laughter. I made a lot of progress in 2 weeks. Activities are also offered that make it easy to get together with other students. The atmosphere was very familiar from the first minute.

Birte h: I stayed for four weeks with this language school and I definitely recommend it! It was the perfect kickstart for my Spanish.

Sacha F.: I spent a week at the Catalina Center to improve my level of Spanish. It is a language center also suitable for adults and I took group lessons as well as individual lessons, which I recommend to progress more quickly. I was lucky to have a young, dynamic and gifted teacher, Jorge, who knew how to adapt his method to the level of each student. The price is not cheap but it allows you to benefit from effective learning in a pleasant school and in a nice neighborhood. I would love to go back 😊

Paolo Vischi: Super super escuela de espanol!!! Jo aprendí muchísimo en solo una semana en particular gracias a jorge que fue un increíble profesor! Definitely recommend!!

Sue Perry: I attended Centro Catalina in Medellin for two weeks in June. I teach elementary school in a rural area, and our Hispanic population is growing. Sometimes students arrive at school with no English language background. When I arrived in Medellín, I had very little understanding of the Spanish language. While working with my professor, Jacqueline, I learned a great deal about the language and culture. She was patient, persistent, and professional. I have continued my language learning practice and hope to return next year.

Joel Blöchlinger: It is a very good school with very good teachers. The activities are great and always interesting. I improved my spanish a lot here just in one month.

Veronika Laird: Tomé clases de español por tres semanas a Centro Catalina con Jacque y Jorge. Me disfruté mi tiempo con estos maestros y aprendí mucho! No puedo recomendar una escuela mejor en Medellín o Cartagena. Ya quiero volver! El ambiente es como una familia y las actividades con Yimer son súper chèvre.

8. ABC Spanish School - Comuna 11 - Laureles-Estadio

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· 39 reviews

Cq. 75 ##39-33, Medellín, Antioquia, Colombia

Address Website
ABC Spanish School: what do users think?

James Colver: For the last few days I have been working with Diego on my Spanish and he is a wonderful teacher. I have taken lessons all over Central and South America but Diego is the best teacher I have had. He is very passionate and knowledgeable about the language and this comes through in his teaching. He is also a patient and interesting man. I have learned a huge amount in a short period of time and I also have all the notes from our lessons that I can use as a foundation to commit things to memory. I can highly recommend Diego and the lessons are worth every penny! Gracias Diego.

Jan G: I highly recommend ABC Spanish School. My girlfriend and me took spanish classes with Diego while staying in Medellin. He is an awesome teacher and helped us a lot developing our spanish skills. Although we were not at the same level Diego made sure we both learend as much as possible. The lessons are made to your needs and every question will be answered. The positive vibe of Diego is unmatched.

Chase Winter: This is overdo recommendation. I took about 2-3 months of private lessons with Diego, 10 hours a week, about 8 years ago and he is amazing. I learned a lot really quick. He's super nice, friendly, engaging, and excellent teacher.

Mihir Sood: If you are thinking about coming to ABC, you absolutely should. It is a no-brainer - this is the best Spanish school in Medellin.Diego and Angela are superb teachers - I spent a month studying at ABC, with 6 hours of private classes each day. My Spanish improved dramatically; within a month I was able to move from B2-level speaking to the C1 curriculum. The school is small and this means that you always get the full attention of the teachers - having now been to several Spanish schools in Latin America, this is without doubt the best I have seen.Both teachers are seriously dedicated - they made every effort to teach me as much as possible, whilst employing an impressively wide range of techniques. It's important to note that they kept a laser-focus on developing my speaking ability rather than just my grammatical proficiency. Sometimes this involved a field trip to a national park; other times it meant translating interviews given in difficult local accents; and other times still, we studied conventional grammar and syntax before moving onward to a jazz bar to practice! There was never a dull moment, and the breadth of exposure to accents, contexts, and usages made a massive impact on the rate at which I learnt.There is a level of customisation at this school that you don't get elsewhere. Diego and Angela both made a real effort to understand and adapt their teaching methods to my learning style, and it helped immeasurably. They take copious notes throughout each lesson, so frequent mistakes and bad linguistic habits are quickly identified and addressed. The subject matter of the lessons can be completely up to you - whether I wanted to learn about Latin American geopolitics or what life is like for a Colombian student, there was total freedom to choose.Finally, both Diego and Angela are amazing people. In a professional sense, they're both highly qualified and more adept at their jobs than other teachers I have encountered. More than this, they are genuine, kind, accommodating, and thoroughly interesting! Over the course of the month I spent studying with them, we became close friends over coffees, pastries, beers, and a ton of thought-provoking debates about culture, history, art, and just about anything else which cropped up.I would 100% recommend studying here to anyone who is serious about improving their speaking ability and having a great time along the way.

Norm Schoenhoff: everything they are saying. Although I still will need a lot more time before I can say I am fluent, I can definitely talk with ease and confidence. I meet with Diego twice a week for an hour. He is very patient, and always has topics that we can talk about that will, one step at a time, increase my ability to speak, comprehend, and read spanish. A great feature from ABC Spanish School is that they type out all the notes and the total conversation, so I can go back after the class, review the notes and use them to insert into my flash card app. The other school I tried only corrects you, and does not teach you the natural way to speak. I would highly recommend Diego and Angela's ABC Spanish School in Medellin, Colombia, to anyone who would like to learn spanish from the beginning, or improve their existing spanish to new levels.Norm Schoenhoff, Northern California USA.

Meg Raybould: *Angela was a brilliant Spanish teacher and I’d highly recommend the ABC Spanish school! *I studied at ABC school for 4 months while I was living in Medellin. I’d been searching for a Spanish school and tried out a couple of others before I found ABC - and I’m so glad I kept looking until I found them!Angela planned the lessons around me and focused on the areas that I most needed help with. Angela was always patient, returning to a theme as many times as I needed and we took as much time as I needed to learn and practice different pieces of grammar. Speaking one-on-one with Angela allowed me to practice my fluency and put what I had learned into practice.My two hour classes passed so quickly and there was never a boring moment. I always felt like Angela was well prepared and she always had materials ready - all tailored to me and my passions and interests.I’ve been travelling in South America since I left Medellin and now feel really confident with my Spanish. I’m able to have real conversations after a fairly short time studying.Angela was a brilliant teacher and I’d really recommend her to anyone who wants to learn or practice their Spanish in Medellin. Angela was such a fantastic teacher that I hope to keep studying with her online once I return home to the UK.Learning Spanish at ABC really enriched my time in Medellin and I’m so proud of my process learning Spanish. I hope you have the same amazing experience learning at ABC school as I did.Espero que disfrute sus clases!

Elisabeth Grossfurtner: Highly recommended. I took several individual lessons with Angela, who was very responsive to my wishes and needs. At my request, both grammatical aspects and topics of my choice were covered. The lessons take place in a very quiet, private setting. Very pleasant. If I come to Medellín again, I will take lessons from Diego and Angela again.

Jörg Feld: I had one week classes with Diego and besides the friendly and warm environment created by Angela & Diego, the structured and personalized lessons were the best I had so far.

David Campbell: Diego is the man. Spent 6 weeks in ABC Spanish school and would highly recommend anyone coming to Medellin to look no further than this amazing school. Diego's style of teaching was my favourite part of the school, it didn't feel like a teacher/student style relationship more like two friends catching up daily. I plan to return to ABC Spanish school in June and July for some more classes. Gracias parcero!

Andrew Pang: Took two weeks of classes with Diego and they were great! He's a great teacher, who's very enjoyable to talk to, and walked me through grammar, as well as conversational Spanish that I wanted to improve on. When needed, he could answer my questions in English too! Highly recommend him as a Spanish teacher if you're in Medellin

Steve Smith: Diego is the best Spanish teacher in Medellin. His teaching style focuses on conversation which is relevant to your life. His excellent knowledge of English allows him to explain Spanish in a clear and understandable way

CaptainCrypto 420: I just recently came to Colombia with my girlfriend and decided to take a few spanish lession to learn a bit of the basics. I found ABC Spanish school had alot of good reviews and decided to try it out. Diego is an excellent teacher with alot of patience and experience in teaching. He is very passionate about teaching and will help you progress your Spanish very fast while making it enjoyable and fun to learn. I highly recommend ABC Spanish school to any begginer,intermmident or advance student.

Holly Shoen: and interests - she made class fun and full of laughs. We also enjoyed visiting with Diego, and their lovely dog Tito. I would 100% recommend this school to anyone considering Spanish classes in Medellin. We are even planning to continue our lessons via Skype once we’re back home. Thank you again for everything Angela, Diego and San Tito!

Marion Lepretre: Honestly, they are amazing and I already miss them ! I would just say : don't hesitate and go learning Spanish with them ! You'll make huge progresses and bonus : you'll know a very gentle and smart colombianos couple.Thank you again, you're in my heart !

BARRY TRUITT: Wow, now I honestly don’t know where to start. Diego and Angela are both very, very, very intelligent and amazing people. They are not profit driven at all and and they are probably the most down to earth business owners that I’ve ever met in my life. Number one, the school is exactly as each review says, they will have you conversational in literally no time.One class with Diego and he will have you walking out feeling more confident and comfortable than when you walked in, not to mention he sincerely cares out each person that walks through the door. The classes aren’t your typical classes, they are about 80-90 percent conversational and when you’re not talking most likely he’s correcting or teaching you about a common mistake you make/made.I recommended one of my friends to attend the school and she did one day with Angela and the next day she actually left the other local school in Laureles and joined Angela full time. I knew my friend would enjoy the class, but I didn’t know she would leave the other school for it. That goes to show everyone how amazing they both are, I highly recommend them both. A++++ 5 stars easily. I will be back to Medellín and I will surely rejoin the classes where we left off. Diego is even planning to play the guitar at my wedding lol. They are just amazing people trust me. -Barry from Atlanta to Dakar. Saludos!

wietse forton: Starting with very basic Spanish here in Diego's  ABC School I was able to speak the language better after only one week of classes , we've spend only a few hours together in the morning on a sunny balcony having a chat about me and my experiences in life all that with a laugh and good coffee,  I didn't study much but diego has great skills to improve anybody who wants to level up his Spanish. With my classes recorded on the phone I can refresh my memory anywhere, I would still visit him on weekly basis if I didn't live overseas, highly recommended Buena onda!

Nicolas Flattes: Diego is an excellent and knowledgeable Spanish teacher. He did one on one instruction with me He taught me on an individual basis and helped me to develop my skills in speaking, writing and reading Spanish.I have done group Spanish in Medellin but I found that I was not correcting my grammatical and pronunciarion mistakes that I made when speaking Spanish.. Diego provided the correct feedback and instruction so I could improve my conversational skills. He also tailored the class to the subjects and areas I wanted to work on.He is a great person to work with. He is a patient, encouraging and supportive teacher. I highly recommend him to other Spanish students.

Fatima Raja: I had an excellent experience over one month of daily private lessons at ABC Spanish School and recommend it very highly. I found it a relaxed and welcoming environment, with high quality and experienced teaching, with a strong focus on building conversational skills that was clearly designed to instill the grammatical concepts we were studying. The note-taking approach was new to me but it was extremely effective. I also really appreciated the use of news clips which exposed me to clear but rapidly spoken formal Spanish, and discussions of art that helped me engage in more abstract conversations than 'what did you do last weekend', etc.

adele ward: I highly recommend ABC school. I was taught by Angela and she is fantastic. I am English and have studied Spanish before but had forgotten a lot. Angela explains everything so well and makes it easy to understand. The classes are highly conversational and made relevant to your life, so you can apply what you have learnt straight away. Alongside verbs, tenses, conjugations etc she also teaches useful day to day vocab and phrases to help you integrated better into Colombia. I learnt a lot from Angela. Diego & Angela are a lovely, welcoming couple and I felt very at home with them. The location of the school is perfect as well.

Rajan Patel: I had a great experience taking private lessons here. I took classes with Diego and it was definitely better then I expected. I also took classes at another school in Medellin and ABC was by far a better place to learn. If you want to learn Spanish I highly recommend ABC Spanish School.

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