Best Micropigmentation Clinics In Medellin Near Me

1. DHI Medellín, Antioquia - Comuna 14 - El Poblado

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DHI Medellín, Antioquia
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Address: Carrera 43a # 1-50, local 1-10 segundo piso San Fernando plaza, Medellín, Antioquia, Colombia

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 8 AM

Telephone: +57 315 3258018

Business type: Hair transplantation clinic

DHI Medellín, Antioquia: what do users think?
Jonathan Janfa
Jonathan Janfa: DHI Medellin is Excellent!! I came from the US and had Scalp Micropigmentation ( 3 sessions) with Dr. Olga Liliana Montoya . I am very Happy with the results. I look much better than before. Each session takes about 2 to 3 hours. You can pay with a credit card. The entire staff is very friendly and professional. The place is very clean and located in the San fernando plaza shopping mall. Highly highly recommend it! Total : $650 ( US dollars)
John marzulli
John marzulli: Great staff, great communication, great results!!Me and my cousin both traveled from the butted states. They made the trip easy. Explained everything in detail and one year later the results have been great
Jose Gonzalez
Jose Gonzalez: I highly recommended this place. The staff is amazing. The results has been incredible.
Natalia González
Natalia González: To begin with, DHI has the best hair implant technique, its treatments are non-invasive and very effective. Customer service is excellent as any staff can provide you with a consistent and prompt solution. The medications they handle give very good results, I am satisfied with DHI because thanks to them my hair has been restored in a way that I could never have imagined.
Jhonattan Solarte Martinez
Jhonattan Solarte Martinez: Totally recommended! The attention from the staff is excellent, everyone is very friendly and attentive after the procedures. After researching in many clinics. DHI has the best technique, the recovery is very fast and it is not painful
Johan Sebastian Higuita Cano
Johan Sebastian Higuita Cano: Very good service, excellent professionals. They give you very clear and specific advice on what you require. A very good option for your treatment. Easy to access. All payment methods.
Sofia Grajales
Sofia Grajales: My dad had a hair transplant and he is actually very satisfied with the results after 6 months we are happy to see him more confident and younger. Thank you DHI Medellín, they also treated us very well.
norman ortiz
norman ortiz: Excellent service, very professional… they are also the best in hair implants! No pain and much less discomfort. And most importantly, the personalized attention of the team of doctors and all the administrative staff! THE BEST IN MEDELLIN! 💯 % RECOMMENDED! 🙏👍
Luis Uribe
Luis Uribe: They are very realistic with patient situations and provide very detailed advice for each procedure.

2. HERO Hair Institute - Hair Transplant Institute Medellin - Comuna 14 - El Poblado

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111 reviews
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HERO Hair Institute - Hair Transplant Institute Medellin
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Address: Carrera 25 A Nro 1 A Sur 45 Torre Medica El Tesoro, Oficina 730, Medellín, Antioquia, Colombia

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 8 AM

Telephone: +57 333 6025009

Business type: Hair transplantation clinic

HERO Hair Institute - Hair Transplant Institute Medellin: what do users think?
Terry Smith
Terry Smith: It is amazing to see how much hair I got, it has been 6 months, and I am really happy..I never thought that my hair line would back where it was when I was young. The staff at HERO Institute were very friendly and very good at what they do. They did a good job..really pleased with the results.
Osama Eljabiri
Osama Eljabiri: This was an amazing experience from beginning to end.. The surgeon is very professional, experienced, kind and super helpful. They have taken care of me as if I was a member of their family. The results were exceptional and far better than what I was expecting. In less than 6 months I now have a very different look with more hair growing everyday. I was skeptical in the beginning and wanted to do it in Turkey but I am very happy I did it in Colombia. Not only the surgeon was wonderful but the entire team was spectacular. Thank you HERO for giving me my hair back.
Andrés Guechá
Andrés Guechá: I recently underwent a hair transplant procedure with Dr Maldonado in Medellin one week ago. I loved the experience since day one - the entire team really made me feel comfortable in answering all my questions. The day before the procedure I met with the doctor in person and we talked through the entire process, made a plan and got to know each other. The day of the transplant I was still a little nervous but they were very nice in helping me feel at ease and making sure I had everything I needed (blankets, water, they even bought me lunch, etc). The procedure was from 7am to 2pm and it went smoothly. It wasn’t painful at all and they kept me informed of everything that was happening the entire time. Each knowledgeable person on the expert team took turns during the procedure to keep the level of accuracy high for such a meticulous process. Afterwards they gave me very clear recommendations for how to care for the donor and transplant sites. I’m following their advice to the letter and it’s looking exactly how they told me to expect. Everything has exceeded my expectations and the doctor really understood exactly what I wanted for my new hairline. I can’t wait to see the initial results in 6 months and full growth after a year or so! A huge THANK YOU to the entire team at Hero Institute!
Juan Camilo Londono
Juan Camilo Londono: It has only been 3 months after my surgery and I am already beginning to see the great strides in my hair recovery. I am very grateful to Dr. Julian and his entire team at HERO, who with great professionalism and charisma, carried out my hair transplant with total success. I recommend this institute for anyone who wants to undergo a hair loss treatment.
Response: Juan Camilo, Thank you for a great review. Dr. Julian and our team are real experts in hair restoration, we're thankful for your trust in our team and we're looking forward to seeing your final results!!! #NewYou
Robert Uria
Robert Uria: I had a wonderful experience at the Hero Institute. The doctor and staff were incredibly attentive to all my needs. They were super friendly and made me feel right at home. Their facility was also top-notch. I was very impressed with their staff. I will recommend them to anyone looking to have this procedure done. Being an American, I was hesitant and nervous about having this done in Colombia, but my worries were unfounded. Great experience! Thumbs up!
Nick: Excellent results after 5 1/2 months, well beyond my expectations!. The team at Hero did an excellent job and I traveled from the USA to do a 2 day procedure! Don’t wait, go to Hero to get your transplant! I felt like a family member the way they treated me!
Jorge Valencia
Jorge Valencia: I came to Colombia since I heard they had good hair Transplant center, With a cheaper price and robotic hair transplant . The process was great with great staff and answered all my questions. They were very caring and it was a Very smooth but long process about 10hrs but I recommend it. Can’t wait for my results in four months to a year. I Will update once I get to my 3 months to a year . Recovery was great , with no pain just swelling witch comes off in about two days or so . So far so good
Response: Jorge, thank you for your review. We’re happy to hear that your recovery is going well. Our state of the art Artas technology is fantastic. We can’t wait to see your progress and of course your final results!!!
Eugenio Jimenez
Eugenio Jimenez: I live in Miami, FL and I had my surgery at Colombia Care Hair transplant in Bogota, Colombia. Before I selected this clinic I spent a lot of time researching for the best clinic in the industry and I’m lucky to say that I finally found them. I must admit that the experience and outcome of my surgery turned out to be exactly, if not better than I expected. From the moment you walk in to your first visit; Dr. Juan Carlos Maldonado, Dr. Julian Duarte and all the nursing staff make you feel like you’re being treated by the best. The level of professional care and the high level of satisfaction from my results (which far exceeded my expectations) are the reason why I would highly recommend them. In this same thread, I would like to thank everyone at Colombia Care Hair transplant clinic for honestly giving me the best cosmetic surgery experience anyone could have.

3. Colombia Care Hair Transplant - Comuna 14 - El Poblado

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20 reviews
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Colombia Care Hair Transplant
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Address: Torre Q office, Cl. 2 #20-50 Officina 1203, El Poblado, Medellín, El Poblado, Medellín, Antioquia, Colombia

Telephone: +57 350 5680334

Business type: Hair transplantation clinic

Colombia Care Hair Transplant: what do users think?
Brayden Culligan
Brayden Culligan: Excellent experience from start to finish. The facilities and staff provided a very comfortable and professional atmosphere, and the quality of service was top-notch. I waited to see the long-term results to leave my review, and a year later I couldn’t be happier. I would highly recommend this clinic to anyone looking for their services, and would recommend Medellín to anyone looking for a beautiful and vibrant destination.
Johan Hvide
Johan Hvide: I highly recommend Dr Maldonado and his staff at Colombia Care! The clinic has all the latest technologies, including the ARTAS robot, which was used in my procedure. The Colombia Care team was very friendly and and assisted with all my questions and concerns. I’m confident I received the best possible care. Traveling from the US to Colombia for my procedure was a big decision for me, but Colombia Care made the process easy and seamless, including arranging transportation and hotel. The clinic, hotel, restaurants and shopping are all in one place; I couldn’t be happier with my decision!
Santiago de la Fuente
Santiago de la Fuente: Fantastic place. The place is top of the line, the service is immaculate. The surgeons and support staff are professional, expressive and most of all hospitable. Like people say, Medellin is one of the most magical places in Latin America. Great experience, I will be recommending this clinic in the states :)
Response: Thank you so much for this wonderful review Santiago. You are welcome back anytime 🙏
Clay Brown
Clay Brown: Received an Fue transplant here in Medellin and could not be happier with the results. The surgeon and staff were great and made me feel comfortable every step of the way and most importantly the results are top quality with affordable prices. Definitely recommend!
Franchesca Rivera
Franchesca Rivera: For years I have struggled with thin eyebrows after over plucking and waxing. I had done my research on eyebrow hair transplant in the states but they were ridiculously overpriced. After deciding to do my lasik eye surgery in Medellin, Colombia I looked into places for an eyebrow hair transplant and came across Colombia care. Nicholas and I had spoke for months prior to procedure to set everything up and answer all of my questions. As an American, traveling abroad for these procedures I was a bit hesitant. Upon arriving to Colombia for my appointment I was set up with a driver and someone who spoke Spanish to attend the appointment with me. Upon arriving to the clinic, it was very modern, clean, up to date just like back home in Florida. All of the assistants and Dr. Maldonado were so kind and helpful from beginning to end. In Colombia the culture is much different than in the states, they genuinely take their time with you and listen to you and take care of you. If you have any questions following the procedures the doctors give you their information so you can personally reach out to them! Colombia care is very professional and perfect for Americans who do not want to spend double or triple the price for a procedure done back in the states. Thank you Colombia care! I will definitely be back! :)
Mike Ciullo
Mike Ciullo: I was pretty nervous to get a hair transplant, but Nicholas at Colombia Care was really professional and gave me a lot of confidence in the surgeon, and the operation. After the operation I had some scabs, but after a couple of weeks everything looked back to normal. Currently, I’m at month 8 since the operation and am very happy with the results so far. From what I understand the hair will thicken more until about month 12, so I’m looking forward to seeing the final results. Highly recommend.
Response: Thank you Mike for such a nice review, we were very pleased having you as a patient. Take care
Ernest Orphanos
Ernest Orphanos: I have some business in Medellín and frequent the city on a relatively regular basis. I was pursuing hair transplant consults in the US (Florida) but needed the single follicular unit approach because the strip technique was uncomfortable ( which I had twice in Florida 18 and 15 years ago). I came across Colombia Care Hair transplant clinic and pursued a consult without any true intention of pursuing care in Colombia. I was both surprised and impressed. They had the Artas robotic system and their fee was 1/3 of what I was quoted back home . I wasn’t price shopping, I was Artas shopping the price happened to be an unexpected bonus. My results are far superior than my previous two attempts at hair transplantation. The follow up care is far better than what I had in the US ( and I’m a health care provider). The post op discomfort with the Artas technique was nothing more than a little soreness at best. My overall experience has been fantastic, exceeding my expectations on so many levels from professionalism to results. I have already recommended them to numerous friends / colleagues who love stateside.

4. Mediarte Implante Capilar Medellín - Comuna 14 - El Poblado

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5 reviews
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Mediarte Implante Capilar Medellín
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Address: Cra 48 # 19A-40 Cons 1417 Torre Médica, Medellín, Antioquia, Colombia

Schedule: Opens soon ⋅ 7 AM

Telephone: +57 318 8450919

Business type: Hair transplantation clinic

Mediarte Implante Capilar Medellín: what do users think?
Didier Martínez
Didier Martínez: The attention and the staff are incredible, they advised me in the best way. In the procedure everything was done very well, the recommendations for care were clear. In general I am very happy with the results.
Response: It was a pleasure being able to help you, always at your service.
Ing Jairo Ernesto Leon Lopez
Ing Jairo Ernesto Leon Lopez: Excellent results... they are the best... it was really worth having this procedure with this company... seriousness, compliance and results....
Response: Thank you for your trust.
Hernando Romero
Hernando Romero: The best procedure and above all 100% effective, I recommend them.
Response: Thank you for your comment, we are glad we met your expectations.
Katha Borraez
Katha Borraez: Fantastic service, I am happy with my results, I recommend them 100%
Response: We are glad to hear from you and above all that you are happy with our work.

5. Laser Skin Clinic - Comuna 14 - El Poblado

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41 reviews
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Laser Skin Clinic
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Address: Cra 43C #5-87, El Poblado, Medellín, El Poblado, Medellín, Antioquia, Colombia

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 8 AM

Telephone: +57 604 2667953

Business type: Skin care clinic

Laser Skin Clinic: what do users think?
luisa salazar
luisa salazar: Worst experience ever! I booked a laser removal session -they were too lazy to do it the same day , made me pay a deposit to book the treatment and sent me to another location- I arrived to the other location & found out they didn’t tell me I had to arrive an hour earlier for anesthesia( which you also have to pay extra for ) - I said I couldn’t do it without it and they basically told me I didn’t have another option- I was leaving to USA the next day so I tried to do it but it hurt too much - I asked for my money back and they had me write a letter with an account number where they supposedly will return my money ( I paid with a credit card ) - I wasted my time in another country and now I probably won’t see my money back - please do not go to this place
Juan G Angel (TvAgro)
Juan G Angel (TvAgro): It has also oftalmology. The best in town
Response: Good afternoon Juan, thank you for your rating. Happy day!
Julio Bernal
Julio Bernal: I do not recommend it. The treatment is not professional. When they gave me the estimate for my treatment, I told them that I would wait a little longer to raise the money and be able to start, to which a Costeña doctor told me: "Well! Put the treatment on your credit card” I found her very aggressive and daring. I went for a specific treatment and he told me that he had to do about 5 different and very expensive treatments. I recommend this clinic.
Response: Good morning, for Clínica Láser de Piel, quality in processes and results are a priority, we promote providing an excellent service in order to improve the well-being, confidence, and self-esteem of our patients in a safe, professional, and ethical manner. Please send us your name, telephone number, e-mail and city to, and we will contact you soon. We are very pending. Happy day!
Dora Cristina Marulanda Munoz
Dora Cristina Marulanda Munoz: I am very satisfied with the laser treatment, the scar of several centimeters has totally improved! the skin was definitely left, I have seen the professionalism of the staff and of Dr. Laura, now I will proceed with an Ultraskin treatment, she recommends 100%
Response: Good morning Dora, thank you for your recommendation. For Clínica Láser de Piel it is very important that our patients achieve the desired results. Success stories like yours motivate us daily. Happy day!
Maria Eugenia Yepes
Maria Eugenia Yepes: I recommend the laser clinic, I really liked the result of my treatment. And the good attention of the staff is very friendly and respectful.
Response: Good morning María Eugenia, thank you for your recommendation. For Clínica Láser de Piel it is very important that our patients achieve the desired results. Success stories like yours motivate us daily. Happy day!
Lenny Higgins
Lenny Higgins: The worst experience, I paid for a treatment for melasma and they did not comply with the sessions, to make me pay more, they did not even comply with the 20% payment. They are a disappointment. I lost my money.
Response: Good morning Lenny. For Clínica Láser de Piel, quality in processes and results are a priority, we promote providing an excellent service in order to improve the well-being, confidence and self-esteem of our patients in a safe, professional and ethical manner. Please send us your name, telephone number, e-mail and city to, and we will contact you soon. We are very pending. Happy day!
Raul Eduardo Arango Saldarriaga
Raul Eduardo Arango Saldarriaga: The Skin Laser Clinic performed a treatment for my skin the best and it went very well I recommend it and its very professional staff
Response: Good morning Eduardo, thank you for your recommendation. For Clínica Láser de Piel it is very important that our patients achieve the desired results. Success stories like yours motivate us daily. Happy day!
VALENTINA CATAÑO: I congratulate the headquarters of the town for the excellent service, for the human quality of its secretaries, I am very satisfied with the results obtained
Response: Good morning Valentina, thank you for your recommendation. For Clínica Láser de Piel it is very important that our patients achieve the desired results. Success stories like yours motivate us daily. Happy day!
CATALINA RAMIREZ RESTREPO: I had a procedure for acne scars and I was happy! I loved the result!
Response: Good morning Catalina, thank you for your recommendation. For Clínica Láser de Piel it is very important that our patients achieve the desired results. Success stories like yours motivate us daily. Happy day!

6. BioXcellerator Clinic - Comuna 14 - El Poblado

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44 reviews
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BioXcellerator Clinic
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Address: Carrera 25a #1a Sur - 45, Torre Medica, Ofc 944, Medellín, Antioquia, Colombia

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 8 AM

Telephone: +57 604 6041815

Business type: Medical clinic

BioXcellerator Clinic: what do users think?
Erin Bellah
Erin Bellah: The city of Medellin is amazing. We will be back. Bioexcellirator facilities and staff were amazing. I have never been treated with so much kindness by medical staff treating me. All the doctors and nurses were informative. I new exactly what was going to happen before it did. My concierge, Carolina, was kind and friendly and helped me navigate the week of treatment. There is no reason to suffer from pain. Stem cell treatment works!!!!
Bill Bernacky
Bill Bernacky: I was completely satisfied with every aspect of care I received while I was here. The staff, nurses and doctors where all amazing. They took the time to listen to all my concerns, go over all the treatments and followed up with me each day. The facility is top notch and area where I stayed was save and had everything I need all in one area. I would recommend BioXcellator to anyone who is looking to have their quality of life improved!
Scot: If you are thinking about going to Medellin for stem cell treatments. If you have pain from a previous injury, I can’t tell you with words. Go now, don’t hesitate. You will not be sorry! I had a work injury 27 years ago. Broke my Left Femur, left Hip in three places, fractured L1, you get the idea. I could list the rest but that is not important. What’s crucial is, I just left my last treatment and already have amazing results. Also extremely nice staff! Everyone here is the best!!!
Michael Martini
Michael Martini: I went to BioXcellerator the week before Christmas in 2021 because I sustained three compressed discs, and I was experiencing intense pain for over a year. I listened to Joe Rogan’s podcast and a guest of his said great things about the clinic, so I decided to look into it more. I looked into two other clinics, one in Panama, and the other in Mexico. I contacted BioXcellerator directly and had a video chat with one of the doctors, who told me I was a great candidate to receive stem cells and that patients with the same injury experienced 100% recovery. After I heard that I was very intrigued. I talked with the other clinics that offer stem cell treatment and they both refused to inject stem cells into the Spine. I contacted the rep at BioXcellerator and I said I’m going to go through the treatment with you guys, shortly after I told her that I paid the 30k for the treatment. I was picked up at the Medellin International airport and brought to Novotel. The view of the room I had was great, but the bathroom had a noticeable amount of mold. The concierge service BioXcellerator offered was excellent, they were all very friendly and accommodating. The nurses were noticeable unhappy, all three of them. Every doctors I met with was knowledgeable and kind. The first day of stem cell treatment, I received an IV of 100,000,000 stem cells, the second day I received 150,000,000 stem cells via IV again, and the third day I was put under anesthesia and the doctors injected 10,000,000 into each disc and two facet joints. I discovered that the doctors didn’t use ultrasound or any technology to get the pinpoint location of my discs or facet joints, they simply guessed about the right spots (I’m not kidding). I was pretty sore for the next 24 hours. The next day I met with the doctors who gave me a rehab plan and they said they will be in touch with me in the coming months. They check in by asking you the following: How do you feel? Are you doing your rehab? Same questions you get every 3-6 months, and it doesn’t go much further than that. When I was at the clinic they said I should be pain free six months after treatment. It’s has been 10 months after treatment and I’m in slightly less pain, I still need to take muscle relaxers daily and I have limited mobility. I asked the doctors about this and they changed their answer to patients are pain free between 6-18 months. I still have eight months to go to see if I made a 100% recovery, but I’m not optimistic at all. I think the treatment should have been more pain point directed instead of getting majority of the stem cells by IV. I sit here now and I believe I should have gotten disc replacement surgery rather than had the stem cell treatment. Also Sara the clinic dietitian won’t return your emails unless you CC your rep. If this clinic was in Kansas I would tell you NOT to go, but because this clinic is in a beautiful city with great people it made the trip fun. Do your homework in regards to your injury and see if it’s worth it, anything to do with a spine injury I would tell you not to go here. Best of luck and I wish you all a pain free life!
Boo Johnson
Boo Johnson: Such an amazing staff an very humbling. Everyone in the office is very polite kind and are willing to help with anything going on. I would recommend bioXcellerator to anyone who is thinking of giving this awesome team a visit.
Response: 🙏❤️
Diego Lara
Diego Lara: For anyone with chronic pain or simply seeking to optimize their health. Biox is the perfect solution. Great staff and quality service! Thanks a lot.
Nigel Dunker
Nigel Dunker: My experience was excellent. The staff were friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. They made me feel very comfortable and welcomed. I highly recommend BioXcellerator.
Nathan Phillips
Nathan Phillips: This place is amazing, the staff is super friendly. The facilities are very clean and comfortable. Also the city is awesome. Great place to get medical treatment and also vacation.
Michelle Cheek
Michelle Cheek: We had the best experience here. The doctors, nurses and all the support staff were excellent.
Jeff Huff
Jeff Huff: All the people here were extremely caring and I have great hopes for the stem cell treatments!

7. Micropigmentación Capilar Medellín SANTIAGO RIVERA - Sabaneta

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5 reviews
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Micropigmentación Capilar Medellín SANTIAGO RIVERA
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Address: Cra. 41 #57 sur 60, Alto Las Flores, Sabaneta, Antioquia, Colombia

Schedule: Open 24 hours

Telephone: +57 305 2250802

Business type: Beautician

Micropigmentación Capilar Medellín SANTIAGO RIVERA: what do users think?
juliánmontoya minimalwave
juliánmontoya minimalwave: It is a place with great professionalism and experience when it comes to performing a restoration in terms of alopecia. Not only for people with total baldness, but also for those who, like me, need to cover certain scars on their heads. I totally recommend it. The attention is pleasant and respectful.
JULIAN DAVID: Excellent work, I can only say that I recommend Santiago for capillary micropigmentation.
GIOVANI PEÑA RUIZ: Positive: Professionalism
Jeronimo Rivera
Jeronimo Rivera: Positive: Professionalism

8. Clínica Antienvejecimiento - Comuna 14 - El Poblado

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293 reviews
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Clínica Antienvejecimiento
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Address: Cra. 34 #11b-10, El Poblado, Medellín, El Poblado, Medellín, Antioquia, Colombia

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 8 AM

Telephone: +57 44448354

Business type: Beauty salon

Clínica Antienvejecimiento: what do users think?
Julia Johansson
Julia Johansson: Loved this experience! We booked an hour massage and hydrotherapy. We expected to just do a standard soaking pool but it was much more than that! The massage was great and then hydrotherapy included a sauna and a steam room with mud masks. You got to pick a drink… we chose delicious smoothies. The hydrotherapy was amazing and included different soaking pools, reflexology, and multiple jet massages. The staff was extremely friendly and we got in same day! Not to mention, the ambiance was amazing. Would definitely recommend again! I’m dying to know what type of mud mask they use! I’d love to buy it, it made my skin unbelievable!
laumacol: Excellent service, relaxing, luxury and comfort. We had an spay day package with hydrotherapy, massage, sauna, facial and lunch and it took about 5 hours straight in one day. It was amazing!
Mark Polk
Mark Polk: Excellent spa experience and well done to include a Japanese style dinner. People should go if you have the money.
Lauren Guajardo
Lauren Guajardo: For foreign clients thinking about this place: Don’t make my mistake. I wrongly accepted not having a translator at my initial consultation. They oversold me.(and according to other people in the area, overcharged me.) I told the woman at my initial consultation that I was only here for 3 weeks on vacation. (I’m working remote and exploring the city in the evenings/weekends) She told me for what I wanted it would take 10 visits. What she was not clear on is that those 10 visits would last 3 hours or more. (That’s over 30 hours during a vacation while also working 40 hours m-f… the purpose for my visit was not for medical tourism.) My fault for not insisting on the translator and asking more questions. Once the booking woman told me it would take 30(?!) additional visits, i was very confused. i spoke to the doctor who was willing to work with me. She also told me that if I missed an appointment that it was ok and she would replace it with a different service. We mapped out the procedures day by day to ensure I knew what was to come and even went over appointment times to make sure my schedule was respected. This was not adhered by. (I’m currently getting a gluteal massage when I was supposed to get hydrolipoclasy and cavicel today.) Overall I’m out over $1500 and unhappy with results and the time spent at the appointments. Don’t make my mistake. Ask for the translator. Be clear on time and number of appointments. Fairly certain I did not get what I paid for or the value. 2 stars only because the doctor did try to work with me and the staff was nice. Overall I’ll accept partial responsibility for the experience but I feel as if I was led astray to make a sale while the woman who sold me the service didn’t give full details or insight into what’s expected. (One last thing… when I asked for pictures of other clients to get some insight into realistic results… the told me they didn’t have any. Not sure why this is the case… any facility that I’ve been to that does body/face work has a portfolio of photos they are willing to share. Should have seen this as a red flag but clearly I am awful at saying no.)
Uri Laor
Uri Laor: Went here after I got excellent recommendations from a colombian friend. I must say , the place is ok, but I was a little disappointed and expected more. Might be because I come from the US so places are nicer. Massage was the highlight of the spa. Overall 4/5
Luis Tafur
Luis Tafur: It is very expensive, pay appointments need it to ask for treatments, the place itself is beautiful and clean, staff are helpful and the spa is amazing..But again too expensive 🙃
Vivian Rivera
Vivian Rivera: Left one eyebrow higher than the other after botox. :(
Olga Austin
Olga Austin: nice i like and the staff is exelent
Antonio Velardo
Antonio Velardo: Beautiful Spa for Medellin standard

9. International Smiles / Dental Clinic With A Humane Touch! - Comuna 14 - El Poblado

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230 reviews
new review
International Smiles / Dental Clinic With A Humane Touch!
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Address: Cl. 11 #30 A 21, El Poblado, Medellín, El Poblado, Medellín, Antioquia, Colombia

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 8 AM

Telephone: +57 300 6118015

Business type: Dental clinic

International Smiles / Dental Clinic With A Humane Touch!: what do users think?
J Brons
J Brons: Surely my favorite dentists. From eye massages and steam facial while and after treaments. Had mercury fillings removed, root canal treatment, porcelain crowns and tooth whitening for a fraction of the price and mind you this is the absolute finest in dentistry in Medellin. I came here based in the reviews and left happy as can be. On my last day I got a couple of cakes as a super thank you to all the girls that helped me. Definitely an absolute 5 star experience!
Response: Mr Brons Thank you for showing so much appreciation with the cakes we enjoyed them immensely as a family, we feel happy and proud of the work done and the success of the procedure, no doubt you are a great patient.
Johanna: I had the best dental experience of my life - not even an exaggeration, last week and I may never visit any other dental outfit again. I’ve never been treated with such kindness, fairness and compassion along with having the whole process cost pennies on the dollar, compared to US rates. Also, it’s certainly worth it to mention that Gabriela and team were totally transparent about unnecessary procedures that US dentists were ready to charge me thousands of dollars for, which were on the treatment plan I brought with me. I am so thrilled to have found the Smile team and (I’ve never said this about a dentist before) I can’t to go back! Thank you so much!!
Response: Johanna We love to hear that you had a unique and amazing experience, thank you for recognizing our strengths, We always appreciate your comments to keep us motivated and bring the most beautiful smiles to our patients.
Jennifer Santillan
Jennifer Santillan: Without a doubt the most remarkable experience I have ever had at a dental office. Instead of getting a dental crown in the US for an insane amount of money I decided to wait to get it in Colombia for a fraction of the price, and I am so incredibly happy that I did. This place provided excellent care and attention to detail that I have never seen back home. You literally get to lie down with a neck and head massage wrap while soothing music plays in the background, which is so helpful in distracting you from any discomfort felt during the procedures. I cannot say enough about Dr. Gloria Arbelaez, she was so knowledgeable, friendly, and caring. She and the rest of the team did an excellent job with my dental crown. Friends and family cannot tell the difference between the crown and my real teeth. Very high quality and natural-looking. It has now been 3 months since I got it placed and I have had no issues. I am extremely satisfied and cannot recommend this place enough. Thank you for your services!
Response: Mrs Santillana. thanks to you for traveling to perform your procedure with us, We have the best technology to make your procedures successful, also professionals updated with the latest protocols of evidence-based medicine and thus provide the best service to meet your dental needs in the best way. Thank you for choosing and preferring us
Simon M
Simon M: One of the best and most professional dentist clinics I’ve ever been to! Was visiting Medellin from California and gave it a shot to go and get a night guard done, From the receptionist to the dentist everyone was helpful and super nice! They were able to go above and beyond and squeeze me in their busy calendar and also would like to thank my dentist “Daniela” who was way too patient and took her time to work with me.. Nothing but good words about everything and everyone at International Smiles :)
Response: Mr. Simon always our patients and their treatments are a priority for us. Our executives of customer service will always be ready to schedule our patients at the most convenient time and are available, our staff will greet you with a big smile. Thanks you for writing your review we appreciate it.
Roisin Mulligan
Roisin Mulligan: Great service and amazingly friendly staff. They do everything possible to make you feel comfortable, and develop a good relationship with their patients, speaking in both English and Spanish. Would recommend to anyone seeking dental treatment. The reception staff are also lovely and make you feel welcome from the moment you step through the door :)
Response: Mr Mulligan thank you for leaving your testimony of your experience, thank you for entrusting your smile in professional hands which will always be at your service.
Shawn Judge
Shawn Judge: Very very happy with the service I received here. I am blown away with my new smile. I needed a fair amount of work with my gums and to repair damage from years of grinding my teeth. All the staff are wonderful and took great care of me. Dr Gloria helped me through everything step by step. I now smile with more confidence than ever before and I highly recommend their services. The only feedback I have for the business is to explain any additional costs and treatments beforehand. Had to have a little extra gum work done and wasn’t expecting the bump in price. That being said it’s still a fraction of what it would have cost back home in Canada so it’s not a big deal, just proper expectations help. Again very happy and highly recommended. Gracias Dr Gloria y a todas!!!
Response: Mr. Judge, in the first instance we will have your feedback to continue to take care of every detail of care and procedures that become necessary once we start the treatment plan are considered from the beginning. We are also very happy that you can show off an intenational smile smiles, healthy and aesthetic. Thank you Dr Gloria and all The International Smiles team
Ken Mclaughlin
Ken Mclaughlin: I love this place, everyone was kind and polite and very professional, they did their best to accommodate me and my dental needs, and I plan to keep using them for all my dental work. I highly recommend this practice to anyone needing dental work at a reasonable price. I give them a 10 out of 10.
Response: Mr. Mclaughlin, human quality is one of our most important values, we would love to be the ones who take care of your oral health for the rest of your life so you can have a beautiful and healthy smile. Thank you for giving us the highest rating.

10. Oralimagen, expertos en turismo en Salud! - Comuna 11 - Laureles-Estadio

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41 reviews
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Oralimagen, expertos en turismo en Salud!
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Address: Calle 47 #69a-23 interior 201, edificio la Florida, Medellín, Antioquia, Colombia

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 8 AM

Telephone: +57 316 7449425

Business type: Dental clinic

Oralimagen, expertos en turismo en Salud!: what do users think?
Life Vida
Life Vida: Dr Jhoana is nothing short of a magician and an artist. She moved around her schedule to prioritize me, she is a loving/sweet and caring person, she gave me a wonderful smile that I’m so proud of. Dr Jhoana is gifted, specialized, meticulous, attentive to details and sensitive to patient needs. She is now my permanent doctor for all dental needs, in future. Along with her, her staff, helpers and other two doctors who performed deep dental cleaning and gum surgery are top-notch professionals. This was such an amazing experience that first time in my life, I was excited for each appointment to meet the doctors and staff. They have super friendly and pleasant atmosphere. Thank your dr Jhoana!
Jose Castillo
Jose Castillo: My experience was more than pleasurable. I own a medical device company in the U.S. and my Dir of QMS was first to visit Oralimagen. He did all the leg work after interviewing 10 dentist he choose Dr. Johana and staff for his implants. After seeing the final outcome, I decided to have Dr. Johana work with me. The office is clean, staff is attentive, kind and welcoming. Dr. Johana is honest, great bed side manners and professional in all levels. For anybody thinking of out of the country dental treatment…Oralimagen is the place to go. The cost are 1/4 of any procedure in the U.S., material used are top level and everything is done with the care of the patient first. If you delay your visit, you’re doing yourself an injustice. Stop being taken advantage of when it comes to higher dental cost, poor bed side manners and just settling for U.S. dental treatment. I’m happy my smile is complete. Dr. Johana and staff are the BEST in Colombia.
Response: Mr. Jose for all Dr. Johana and all her work staff, it has been a great pleasure to serve you and it makes us very happy to know that you are satisfied with our care. Always welcome!
Miguel Chaves
Miguel Chaves: Traveling to do my dental work done at Oralimagen was the best decision I could had made. From the beginning, they were able to provide the best service and advice for our dental needs. They are extremely professional and gave us peace of mind through the process. The procedures were made with care and gentleness. They were able to accommodate and schedule our appointments so we could be efficient with our time. Staff was friendly and attentive. 100% recommended!
Ana Nabeto
Ana Nabeto: The best dental care I have ever experienced! Professional, courteous, and friendly staff made me feel like family… would highly recommend to anyone!!! The front desk staff makes you feel right at home immediately when you walk in the door. Everything was on time and it was an extremely professionally run office. A fantastic experience. Dr. Johana Ossa was very nice and informative. I will forever be grateful too her.
Sorel S
Sorel S: It seems that Dental Tourism is similar to Travel. All my life I dreamt about Venice, Italy. However Padua, a nearby University town, offered so much more in hospitality, art and gourmet foods. Oral Imagen in Laureles, Medellin offers such a first class dental experience. It starts with a comprehensive review of the work needed. In my case it involved 3 implants and 4 veneers. Dr. Johana offered a detailed and sound solution. She also put a confident smile on my face. They are very careful in their analysis with imaging and consultations. Along the way, Dr. Alejandro performed the implant work in a careful, competent and patient way. Leidy, the office manager, was always courteous. The entire office is pleasant, spotless and efficient.
Response: For the all Oralimagen team, it is a pleasure to serve you and your wife; We are glad that you are satisfied. Always welcome!
Paul DT
Paul DT: Drs. Johanna and Alejandro were exceptionally courteous, friendly, honest, and skillful. Despite not speaking English fluently, both made every effort to explain the complexity of oral surgery, bone development, and dental procedures. Without knowing much Spanish, I was always confident and trusting in their professional explanation and work. In the end, Dr Alejandro performed a bonding procedure and put a composite in the tooth cavity to save my tooth. They both could have completed a dental implant procedure but did not. In the end, the costs were very reasonable for the high quality work. Thank you. Paul
Eric Matthews
Eric Matthews: Dra. Johanna Ossa is a great dentist. I am VERY happy with my new smile and the confidence it has given me. I receive compliments often. Her staff is fantastic and helpful. They all care about the patient and what’s best for the patient health wise as well as helping the patient meet their aesthetic goals. My experience was easy, the prices affordable, the appointments were flexible and adjusted to my schedule and multiple English speakers made it easy to understand the various procedures. I hope those who read this review are made more comfortable with their decision.

11. Dental Tourism Colombia (Medellín, Dr. Johana Ossa) - Comuna 11 - Laureles-Estadio

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12 reviews
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Dental Tourism Colombia (Medellín, Dr. Johana Ossa)
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Address: Edificio la Florida, Calle 47 #69a-23 interior 201, Medellín, Antioquia, Colombia

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 8 AM

Telephone: (201) 874-2322

Business type: Dental clinic

Dental Tourism Colombia (Medellín, Dr. Johana Ossa): what do users think?
Ryan Turner
Ryan Turner: I had a great experience with Dr. Johana and her friendly, knowledgeable and patient team. I was well taken care and all of my options and treatments were explained clearly in both Spanish and English when needed. It was also good to see the team taking extra health and safety measure in light of the pandemic. I would highly recommend the services of Dental Tourism Colombia!
Response: Thank you so much for those kind words Ryan! It was a pleasure to serve you during these wild times.
Sasha Christophel
Sasha Christophel: My sister Samantha christophel just got her teeth done there she’s actually currently there right now finishing up her teeth and she has had the most amazing experience they picked her up from the airport and they take her back to the airport and they Took really great care of her very very professional amazing dentist the best dentist you’ll find in Columbia Probably everywhere he is amazing I can’t wait to go get my teeth done by him if you’re looking for someone to do your teeth look no further!!!! You get a great little vacation in a beautiful city and you get a great deal on AMAZING PROFESSIONAL QUALITY WORK!!! You cannot beat that!!!! MY SISTER LOOKS SOOO BEAUTIFUL CANT WAIT TO SEE HER END RESULT!!!!!! Cant wait to see her when she gets back!!!! She has said NOTHING but amazing things about them!!!! Im excited to set my appointment up and go back with her she cant wait to go back lol she looks like a movie star ⭐️
Response: Wow! Such family love! Thank you, thank you! Your thorough comment will certainly help other patients. Have an excellent day!
John H
John H: Looking for a dentist in Colombia and shocked to see Dr Johana Ossa charging in USD and not COP. If I wanted to pay in dollars I would have stayed in the states. Way to expensive compared to others in Medellin.
Response: Nice to meet you John? I don't believe you've engaged our office till now. Our patients are primarily Americans we bring to Medellin so we list in USD, the world's reserve currency. How is this shocking? It's easier for our patients to understand, it's a better experience for them. Patients tell us so. Regarding price, I'm sure you can find a cheaper dentist in Medellin the same way you can always find a cheaper engineer, mechanic, or plumber, but is that what you truly want? This is your dental health. Why risk it to save a few hundred dollars in the short term? We provide premier dental care. We are fairly priced for the services we provide. Sounds like we're not the place for you and that's okay but could you please consider removing this negative review? Again, I don't think you've even engaged us before this. How can you faithfully review our service? Hope you have a great day!
Jessie Christophel
Jessie Christophel: My sister got her teeth done here and they took marvelous!!
Response: Thank you so much! We loved having her. Glad you two are happy with her new smile.
tavaris clark
tavaris clark: My Experience Was Amazing. Dr. Johana Was Very Punctual, Paid Very Close Attention to Detail and Gave Me the Best Recommendations that Ended With Great Results. Her Services are Very Natural and Extremely Honest. Will Be Back to Visit Soon
Response: Tavaris, thank you for your kind words. It was our great pleasure.
charles murphy
charles murphy: Pleasant, professional, affordable! Recommend it!
Response: Thank you Charles! It was a pleasure serving you in beautiful Medellin. Have a happy new year!
Dan Fonseca
Dan Fonseca: Huge fan of Dr. Johana Ossa and the crew. Great service, kind staff, and excellent price. Wish more dentists were like this back home. Thank you!
Response: Happy to serve you in beautiful Medellin, Colombia!

12. Ō by Dr. Bretón Franco Medicina Estética Especializada - Dr. Juan Guillermo Bretón Franco - Comuna 14 - El Poblado

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21 reviews
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Ō by Dr. Bretón Franco Medicina Estética Especializada - Dr. Juan Guillermo Bretón Franco
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Address: CARRERA 25A #1A SUR 45 TORRE MEDICA EL TESORO TORRE 2, CONSULTORIO 1644, Medellín, Antioquia, Colombia

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 10 AM

Telephone: +57 604 3221247

Business type: Medical Center

Ō by Dr. Bretón Franco Medicina Estética Especializada - Dr. Juan Guillermo Bretón Franco: what do users think?
Joe Chok
Joe Chok: Dr.Breton is the best! Went to get my nose done and he made it quick and painless! Love the results and I’m definitely making my way back to Colombia to get more done! He has a great team, the whole process was all very quick! :)
Response: Hope to CU again when you come back yo Colombia
Amanda Mitchell
Amanda Mitchell: I had a liquid rhinoplasty and lip filler, all for the first time. And Dr.Breton answered every single one of my questions regarding the procedures. He made me feel so comfortable. My results turned out amazing. Only going to him from now on.
Moshiko Atia
Moshiko Atia: My first introduction with dr Breton was thought a friend, I saw his work and I really liked the result my friend had, also, my friend said only good things about the procedure. I waited 3 months in order to meet the dr, and flew 7 hours just to meet him Finally as we met, he welcomed me with a smile, after checking up my expectations, he explained me about the treatment and walked me through every step, while asking me for my opinion, I was afraid of the needle and the pain, but the dr addressed everything so nicely I didn’t feel any pain after the numbing The results are incredible and I already recommended to all of my friends! 10 out of 10 for everything!
Daniel Francis
Daniel Francis: Dr Bretón was very warm and welcoming. He was very informative and explained every step of the cheek filler procedure. The finished result aesthetically was more amazing then I was expecting. Highly recommend
Response: It´s great to have patients like you, happy with their first time results, and first time getting a cosmetic procedure. Your welcome any time
Maria Betancur
Maria Betancur: The doctor. Juan Guillermo is an excellent professional, with extensive experience in aesthetic and anti-aging medicine, who also keeps up with all the latest trends and technologies to always offer the best possible service and treatment! Highly recommended!
Tricia Suarez
Tricia Suarez: Dr. Bretón has been an excellent professional with extensive skill and knowledge, generating good results. He also knows how to listen and advises according to his experience. Regarding the location, it is comfortable and comfortable. Highly recommended
Response: Thank you very much for your visit Tricia, may it be the appetizer for many more
Carlos Rodriguez
Carlos Rodriguez: The truth is that Dr.Bretón is the best and gives incredible results. 10/10 recommended.
Sandra Osorio Duque
Sandra Osorio Duque: The best ever! Super professional, of great human quality and excellent in everything he does. thanks for everything doctor
Yelis Quintero Quintero
Yelis Quintero Quintero: Excellent professional, I have had progressive changes and I love that!

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