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Antioquia Museum Casa Museo Pablo Escobar Colombia Immersion Spanish School - Laureles Colombia Immersion Spanish School Memory House Museum

1. Antioquia Museum - Comuna 10 - La Candelaria

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· 6096 reviews

Cl. 52 #52-43, Medellín, Antioquia, Colombia

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Antioquia Museum: what do users think?

Marek: Nice museum, but entrance fee for non-residents is $30,000. If you like Botero, I recommend the museum in Bogotá, entry is freeVisited on Weekday Wait time No wait Reservation recommended Not sure …

sebastian gallego niebles: A must go when visiting medellin .A place to understand the evolution of the arts and how things have evolved .Paintings show the life of the time and the violence over time .Recommended to visit

Nikola Krestonosich Celis: Visited on Weekday Wait time No wait Reservation recommended Not sure

Anabel VS: A nice building with very interesting art and exhibitions.

Leidy J. Salazar S.: At 16,000 the entrance on the top floor does not allow taking photosVisited on Weekday Wait time No wait Reservation recommended No …

Marlene krygowski: Amazing art, beautiful displayed, a fabulous building.Visited on Weekend Wait time No wait Reservation recommended Not sure …

aline poupart: Visited on Weekend Wait time No wait

Luz Milena Chan: Excelente lugar para ir a ver obras de arte del maestro Botero y otros artistas.Visited on Weekend Wait time No wait …

eric Xiao: Visited on Weekday Wait time No wait Reservation recommended No

Joshua Sandi: I love Botero and this Museum has all of his essence and lot of works. Beginning outside it's already great and I would encourage anyone to visit it, although be careful not to wander off too far.

Estefanía Peralta: Loved it. A must visit in Medellin.Great collection of Botero and other artists.

Mario Carrasco: artistas.Visited on Weekday Wait time No wait Reservation recommended Yes …

Victor Daniel Solorzano Sosa: Una belleza

2. Casa Museo Pablo Escobar - Comuna 14 - El Poblado



· 945 reviews

Cl. 10b #28 - 90, Medellín, Antioquia, Colombia

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Casa Museo Pablo Escobar: what do users think?

Aaron Beard: Very cool experience. Wad a little underwhelming for the price, but a must-do if you've seen the Netflix series. The guides work on a revolving cycle so you can jump-in mid tour and youll eventually come back to where you started. Takes about 1 hr.Visited on Weekend …

ColTravel AdvenTours: Visited on Weekday Wait time 30–60 min Reservation recommended No

Boris espiand: Journey to the land of excess! Very entertaining visit 🙂Visited on Weekday Wait time No wait Reservation recommended No …

Pedro Gonzalez: Excellent tour !!

Wladimir Alvarez: Reservation recommended Yes

Thomas Mi: I am absolutely satisfied with the tour. A tip is appreciated at the end of the tour.

3. Colombia Immersion Spanish School - Laureles - Comuna 11 - Laureles-Estadio

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· 49 reviews

Cra. 79B ###45D – 94, Medellín, Antioquia, Colombia

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Colombia Immersion Spanish School - Laureles: what do users think?

KikoPech Jackson: Fun fact, you didn't come for the school but for the death of a legendary legend from Colombia.

Robert Carpenter: I'm so thankful for my 3+ months of study at Colombia Immersion! The people in the school are so kind and welcoming, and the quality of the instruction is just fantastic. I studied in the Laureles location, but also visited Envigado for the social events. Laureles is a beautiful, safe neighborhood and the staff are incredibly professional and devoted to student success and experience. I studied mostly with Juan, and he takes his job incredibly seriously - my Spanish proficiency grew in leaps and bounds. I recommend this school and location to anyone interested. I absolutely love Medellin and this school is an important part of that experience!Despues de estudiar por solo 3 meses, logré tener charlas muy fluidas con personas de Medellin, y me dió lo que necesitaba para seguir estudiando y mejorando con podcasts, libros, articulos y otros recursos. Ya tengo muchos amistades con vecinos en los eeuu que casi no hablan nada de ingles, y todo eso es posible por la instrucción de Colombia Immersion!

Abbie Wilson: An amazing place to study Spanish, a home away from home with well put together and flexible curriculums.

Robert Hejduk: Took three weeks of classes here with two different teachers. Class and teachers were excellent. My largest class was 4 total students. Staff was friendly but most importantly my Spanish improved dramatically. When I return to Medellin in a few months I will take at least another week of class.

K. Branigan: ... but the genuine warmth, care, and passion we felt from everyone at the school

Adrian: and can definitely recommend it to everyone! The teachers were very professional, yet managed to maintain a great, friendly atmosphere during the classes. Thanks to that you can learn very fast and are positively motivated to continue! All other aspects also very good - administrative things handled very well, communication is clear and fast. The integration part

Jeremy Smith: . The facility / house in Laureles is really spacious and relaxing while many other schools are near noisy areas that can make it hard to focus

Alex J: , with engaging teachers and class sizes only being around 2-6 people. This smaller classroom made it so you had to speak more often and really immerse yourself in the language.Plus, after classes each day, there was an activity later in the evening which would incorporate learning about the Colombian culture while doing something fun: like cooking or going on field trips to historical areas that are not just the tourist attractions.I couldn't recommend this school enough, weather you want to touch up on your Spanish for 2 weeks or spend 2 months really improving your skills, this school is where you want to be!

Valentine Ammeux: I spent 2 weeks at Colombia Immersion in Laureles and loved everything: my teacher was an intelligent and interesting woman who shared lots of cultural tips with me, and the school offers evening activities like salsa, cooking classes, quiz, or tours of the city. A great way to dive in colombian culture and lifestyle!

Eric Grube: I spent three weeks taking classes here and had a fantastic experience! I had taken some Spanish in high school, but nothing formal after that. All of the instructors were great and personable, and the staff make a big effort to ensure that everyone is comfortable and enjoying their time at the school. In addition, the near daily events that the school schedules are fantastic and a great way to meet both Colombians and other travelers! I would absolutely recommend this school, and specifically their total immersion path. The 1-1 coaching that comes with that is great and really helps you learn actual conversational Spanish as opposed to textbook Spanish.

Samantha Lees: I had an amazing 4 weeks at CI - not only did I learn Spanish very quickly with their teachers who were all very professional, engaging and patient, as well as having 1-to-1 conversation sessions; I also got to see a lot more of the city and learn about the culture here because they organise an array of activities, take you on field trips to places tourists wouldn't go, and make friends with locals and people from all over the world. The staff are also super kind and helpful and a friendly bunch. And Medellin is a fantastic city - there's no better way to experience it than to truly immerse yourself with this school!! Would definitely go back again if I had another opportunity.

Jake Wamala: , the students are diverse – from different ages, countries, and Spanish-speaking experience, and the school is welcoming

Myriam Dionne: I took courses there for 4 weeks and I love it! The school is very organized and the teachers are very qualified. They listened to me and arranged my courses according to my objectives and I appreciated them very much! Also, the school is in a quieter part of Medellín, we can enjoy the real side of the city. I will return without a doubt!

arianna jimenez: I studied Spanish in college for a number of years, but that was 20 years ago and I was rusty to say the least. I wanted to be conversationally fluent again and feel comfortable traveling around Latin American and talking to native speakers. I studied with Colombia Immersion for 6 weeks. They took me through some serious brushing up on the basics which I had forgotten, through more advanced level conversation and grammar. My spanish speaking, writing and comprehension improved greatly. The class sizes are very small so you get a lot of individual attention. All of the teachers and staff are warm, and welcoming, and deeply invested in helping their students learn. In addition they offer after class activities to introduce the students to the history and culture of Medellin. I had a great experience. I highly recommend Colombia Immersion.

David Lehr: you are interested in!Go there! You will love it!

Jordan Kalik: are far removed from the touristy area of Poblado which creates an amazing learning environment and immersive experience as there is almost zero opportunity to speak English.I traveled to Medellin alone, but after my first day at Colombia Immersion, I never had to go anywhere alone. The school became my community for four weeks and I always had people to explore with, eat with, and dance salsa with! If you are interested in learning Spanish, there should be no other option than Colombia Immersion. Gracias, Colombia Immersion, for an incredible summer!

4. Colombia Immersion Spanish School - Envigado

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· 60 reviews

Carrera 40 #, Cl 40D Sur #49, Envigado, Antioquia, Colombia

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Colombia Immersion Spanish School: what do users think?

Lucas Oswald: that I never felt lonely or out of place. I came to love Envigado, by far my favorite part of Medellin

Michael Jennette jr: I was able to have conversations with spanish speakers. I can watch movies with subtitles and read slowly in spanish as well

Sara Kuper: An absolutely amazing school

Rita Smallridge: I attended two weeks of classes at the Envigado campus and thoroughly enjoyed them. The staff and teachers are super friendly and welcoming and the atmosphere is casual. Everyone is very supportive and wants to help all the students improve.Before arriving at the school I had been a bit worried about being a "mature" student among young backpackers, but I shouldn't have been worried, as students are from many countries and of different ages. The communication from the school before my arrival was excellent and this continued during my stay.I chose to do the group classes, which never have more than 6 students and ours was a class of just two. We progressed really well and talked, listened and laughed a lot - all in Spanish! Monica is an excellent teacher as well as a great ambassador for the young people of Medellin and Colombia.The school also offers one-on-one coaching sessions in the afternoons, as well as weekly excursions. The coaching is a very personalized session just to help you practice whatever is necessary to improve your fluency and comprehension. The excursions are organized through Felipe and use local guides, who are very knowledgeable and willing to answer all sorts of questions about Colombia. Great activities which should not be missed.I was very happy with my decision to improve my Spanish at Colombia Immersion and have absolutely no hesitation in recommending the school to other students.

Aaron Andrada: which allows each teacher to focus on the needs of each individual student while maintaining a social environment in the classroom. The teachers switch every week, which allows the students to experience a variety of teaching styles.Outside of the classroom I continued to learn about Colombian culture through the activities, as well as the history of Medellín through the field trips. Cooking Colombian food and experiencing the various neighbourhoods of Medellin

Cynthia W: My husband and I spent 6 weeks here studying, we really enjoyed ourselves. We've been to one other Spanish school before and this place is way way way better. Everyone is really warm and friendly. You can tell the teachers care and want you to learn. We had the teachers Sandra, Salwa, Sergio, and Nando. They were all awesome.I really enjoyed the laid back environment that's not as stuffy as the traditional classroom where the teacher is just talking at you, writing stuff on the whiteboard, and you are taking notes. There is a lot of talking and practicing what you are learning and the teachers will help you with work on your weaknesses. We hope to come back here and learn more.

IR: , y Envigado es el lugar perfecto. Además, la instrucción fue muy buena y en tres semanas podía hablar más rápido y sentía más cómoda con mi español. También aprendí mucho sobre Colombia y Medellín afuera de la "tourist bubble" con actividades como la salida de campo. Les extraño, Colombia Immersion :

Kimberlee Chang: I took 2 weeks of full immersions at the Laureles location and absolutely loved it!!! If I had more time I would have definitely took many more weeks of classes with them. What made Colombia Immersion different from other Spanish language schools was the conversation based learning, the one-on-one coaching, as well as the community of people/events. Beyond learning grammar, the conversation based classes with small number of people, and the private coaching really helped me gain the confidence and experience to start speaking. I have taken lots of language classes before but because they were so grammar and exams focused, I've always had a hard time holding a conversations and retaining memory of the language, but my experience at Colombia Immersion was exactly opposite.In addition, Colombia Immersion is more than just a language school. There is such a wonderful, genuine, group of staff and community at the school between both the Laureles and Envigado locations that made me felt so welcomed. They hold daily Spanish based events outside of the classrooms, including weekly field-trips and language exchange nights. Additionally just by not being located in Poblado, and instead in the residential neighborhood of Laureles and Envigado, the students get a much better experience of Colombian culture.

Scott Culbert: Taking classes at Colombia Immersion was a fantastic experience! Not only are they a great school for learning Spanish, but since their goal is to immerse you in Colombian and paisa culture, you end up learning SO much about this beautiful city and country. The staff is incredibly welcoming, the teachers are knowledgeable and passionate, and the other students were loads of fun to spend time with. I stayed at the Envigado school, which is a very nice part of Medellin that is a relaxed part of the city where I felt right at home. I'd highly recommend to anyone considering to take classes here to do so.

Nick Schneider: in the morning. In addition, any interactions I had out and about in Envigado and my morning coffee convos with my landlady all took place completely in Spanish. It was a true immersion experience and it totally paid off. I cannot recommend Envigado enough...the people at the school were incredible, friendly, welcoming, professional, nice, fun--really amazing. The neighborhood residents were friendly and didn't appear to speak English which is conversations just naturally occurred in Spanish. When I went to Poblado I noticed tons of extranjeros and even the mendigos seemed to be speaking English. Anyway, bottom line is I had fun, learned a lot, and wished I had had 2 months instead of two weeks.

5. Memory House Museum - Comuna 10 - La Candelaria

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· 4315 reviews

Parque Bicentenario, Cl. 51 #36-66, Medellín, Antioquia, Colombia

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Memory House Museum: what do users think?

Benedict Verbrugge: Top museum! Must see!Visited on Weekday Wait time No wait Reservation recommended No …

Stevens Montes: It is a very good experience where you can see in more detail the problem of the armed conflict both in Medellín and in Colombia, but those bathrooms were rotten.Visited on Weekday Wait time No wait …

Carolina Velez Betancur: To know it is to recognize an active conflict, for which constant solutions are hatched every dawn.

jenny sarmiento: I recommend it to know the history and our reality

Julianna Reyes: Visited on Weekday Wait time No wait

José Miguel Fierros Ramírez: A must visit in Medellín. If you want to learn more about the violent conflicts that have taken over Colombia for years not with morbidity but with the will of learning and understanding, then this is the right place. It’s an interactive museum with lots of activities to do and see, you will definitely understand how Colombia overcame this and why they are an example of resilience. Plus, it is free! You just need to fill a registration page.

Jhon Jairo Martinez Molina: Created for Victims, memory as an essential element in the recovery of forgiveness

Didier Sergent: Lots of memory problems if you don't understand SpanishVisited on Weekday Wait time No wait Reservation recommended No …

dale sundberg: Go see this Museo! Gives you a taste of what these people lived through!Visited on Weekday Wait time No wait Reservation recommended No …

Andres Coneo: Visited on Weekend Wait time 30–60 min Reservation recommended No

Juan diego Perez: Very pretty, organized, and excellent attentionVisited on Weekday Wait time No wait Reservation recommended No …

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