Best Specialists English Medellin Near Me

1. Geovid English Speaking Doctors - Comuna 11 - Laureles-Estadio

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49 reviews
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Geovid English Speaking Doctors
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Schedule: Opens soon ⋅ 7 AM

Telephone: +57 311 3419898

Business type: Local medical services

Geovid English Speaking Doctors: what do users think?
joseph belucky
joseph belucky: Very good service. They arranged for an English speaking doctor to visit me at my home on a Sunday, and then helped me arrange some tests. I recommend this service
ZeraSparkle 2.0
ZeraSparkle 2.0: HIGHLY RECOMMEND GEOVID-had a great experience! First time reaching out for doctor services online and in a foreign country. They responded quickly, and fit me in for an online consultation within 2 hours. Dr. Jorge Perez was my physician and I can not say enough good things about his service. He’s fluent in English and asked many questions about my background to better understand my case. He listened to and addressed my questions and concerns patiently. Dr. Perez is professional, efficient and knowledgeable. He has a gentle bedside manner and completed a very detailed report. Most importantly, his treatment plan did not consist of unnecessary bs prescriptions, rather OTC drugs I could pick up easily at my local drugstore for some much needed relief. Thank you, Geovid and Dr. Perez! Superb service!
Julia: Dr. Perez was a fantastic doctor who helped with all my concerns. Geovid is very convenient and helpful. I was able to get a same day appointment and they responded promptly to all my follow up questions. I would definitely recommend for anyone needing an English speaking doctor in Medellín
teti ana
teti ana: Very nice service, the doctor was very knowledgeable. The helped me to arrange the test in lab. Totally recommend. Very good experience.
alycia attaway
alycia attaway: Geovid was great for someone with limited Spanish speaking skills. They responded promptly and booked us the same day. Dr Perez was very nice and thorough. I highly recommend this service!
Erick Alvarez
Erick Alvarez: Great care. Same day appointment when I was struggling to find another english speaking doctor who can help fast. It was a Saturday too. I highly recommend.
bj Lillis
bj Lillis: Dr. Jorge Armando Pérez was fantastic. Attentive, patient and very articulate in discussing the situation. Strongly recommend the service and Dr. Perez.
Marie Malá
Marie Malá: Very professional, instant responses in English. Online consultation possible. Would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a medical assistance in Medellin!
RI Richters
RI Richters: Very helpful service. I had Dr. Perez who was a great help. Thank you very much

2. English Speaking Attorneys - Comuna 11 - Laureles-Estadio

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1 reviews
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English Speaking Attorneys
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Address: Cra. 64a #48-55 Suramericana Torre 8 #1202, Medellín, Antioquia, Colombia

Telephone: (847) 665-9847

Business type: Legal services

English Speaking Attorneys: what do users think?
Tigran Mirzoev
Tigran Mirzoev: Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

3. Dr Luz Naranjo - Comuna 14 - El Poblado

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22 reviews
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Dr Luz Naranjo
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Address: Torre Salud y Servicios Office 2401, 24th floor, Cl. 19a # 44 - 25, El Poblado, Medellín, El Poblado, Medellín, Antioquia, Colombia

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 11 AM

Telephone: +57 321 7754277

Business type: General practitioner

Dr Luz Naranjo: what do users think?
Dusty Firebird
Dusty Firebird: I had a wonderful experience. I was able to be fit in the same day. It was worth the money. Dr. Luz took her time. She answered all my questions. She recommended specialists. The office was modern and clean. The receptionists were pleasant. I’m grateful to have found a good English speaking doctor!
Sarah Elewa
Sarah Elewa: Dr.Luz is a very compassionate, very knowledgeable doctor. She is extremely caring and takes the time to go through everything with her patients and offers her support every step of the way. Her administrative staff were also quick to communicate and thorough in their job. My experience with this clinic exceeded expectations. If you need an English speaking doctor, I can assure you that Dr.Luz’s English is also perfect. I highly recommend Dr.Luz and her clinic.
Gregory Bent
Gregory Bent: I can’t understate how clutch and professional this practice is. I was a little skeptical just because I’m new and never scheduled, paid, and had an appt over WhatsApp before. But this place is as advertised. They are very thorough, friendly, and communicative. Thanks so much guys!
Paul: Wasted a whole day talking to the assistant about booking an appointment for some blood tests. After FINALLY managing to book the appointment he asks me to pay and then I find out they don’t do any tests. The booking was for some virtual appointment and then I need to find somewhere else to take the tests with a doctors note. Waste of time. Updated: Saying that you have an alliance with labs is not the same as offering the service you have on your website. And your assistant does not book them. I was told I would have to go to a place on a first come first serve basis.
Response: Greetings Paul, sorry to hear about the inconvenience you had booking, I will look into this matter with my assistants, I apologize for the situation. As for the labs, we have an alliance with several lab companies for the performance of the labs sent at the virtual appointment and my assistants handle the booking so the patients don´t have do this themselves. In Colombia, as opposed to the US or other countries, private Doctors usually do not own Laboratories or pharmacies; they have alliances with them for these services. Again, I apologize for the troubles you had and hope to be able to assist you in the future.

4. OLSA Spanish English School - Comuna 11 - Laureles-Estadio

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727 reviews
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OLSA Spanish English School
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Address: Cl. 49B #76A-5, Laureles - Estadio, Medellín, Laureles, Medellín, Antioquia, Colombia

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 9 AM

Telephone: +57 311 3940669

Business type: Language school

OLSA Spanish English School: what do users think?
Paul Kniaz
Paul Kniaz: It was definitely a good experience studying at this school. The price is pretty amazing especially for the conversation class. I thought the staff was very respectful and friendly. If I had stayed longer, I probably would have wanted to add grammar classes. Not to say the conversation class wasn’t great, but I would probably have wanted both.
Meshullam: A really amazing place to learn Espanol with group classes and many other options everyone is super nice here the instructors are really smart with good teaching methods and somehow the prices are still super good
Mike Toner
Mike Toner: I spent two and a half weeks doing the immersive Spanish course at Olsa in Poblado, and was really happy with everything. The teachers were fantastic, and really catered to all students levels, and the communication with the school was great. Big thumbs up from me, and would thoroughly recommend
Response: Was great to have you and your amazing positive energy, Mr. Mike! Looking forward to the next time you swing through Medellin! ~Shane
Grazina Dagyte
Grazina Dagyte: My teenage son and I had a wonderful experience at OLSA. We both improved our Spanish and became more confident to converse in Spanish. We also met interesting classmates from around the world. Dance classes and excursions were fun as well. Shane, the owner of the schools was extremely helpful while preparing for the trip and during our stay. I highly recommend OLSA to anyone that wants to improve their Spanish.
Response: Mrs. Gia! It was a pleasure to have you here for a whole week!!! So glad you were outgoing and interested in learning about the culture and activities here. It makes things so much more exciting and interesting! Thank you both, again, for the review! We will see you next time you are in town! ~Shane
Mayan Around Town
Mayan Around Town: Don’t believe the reviews. I was there for about a month for dance classes. They pressure people into giving reviews so they get a higher rating. No one truly says what they feel but I will. I thought I had a great dance teacher who was patient and knew how to teach. In the end, he was awful. Very impatient. Very moody. Instead of teaching you the proper forms he just gets upset and makes no effort to correct you. I cried out of frustration because all I wanted was to improve and he offered no help. Now that I’ve learned dancing from other teachers, I can say he doesn’t have great skills to be honest. I had wanted to ask for a refund after not wanting to continue the classes but they didn’t even try. Service isn’t part of their values.
Response: Thank you Ms. M (We will keep your name hidden, as you have not listed it in your title) for your review. After reaching out to you on your personal WhatsApp account without success, we felt it necessary to post an answer to your comments, above. Firstly, we would like express that our experience with Ms. M was positive. We viewed that she is a very hard worker and usually very positive, energetic and fun! And that this response is in no way an attempt to disparage Ms. M. Moving on to Ms. M’s comments – we would specifically like to address Ms. M's libelous generalizations, “Service isn’t part of their values” and, “Don’t believe the reviews … They pressure people into giving reviews…”. SERVICE 1. Ms. M contacted us early in February with interest in taking dance classes; purchasing 16 lessons to be completed within one month. She was always warmly greeted by name the days she came to class. We always accommodated her when she missed classes (replacing those classes with no charge) or requested to change her schedule. Her one month of classes ended up taking nearly two months due to her class replacements and vacations. 2. Through conversation with Ms. M, she mentioned to our director, Shane, if he knew anybody that could fill several job-positions she had at her company. Over the next week, Shane provided Ms. M with several contacts for possible employees. 3. During Ms. M’s time with us she spoke with Shane about the best place to purchase dance shoes where she would not be overcharged. Shane provided Ms. M with a contact, which she used to purchase an economical pair of dance shoes. 4. Ms. M was having some cell phone problems and requested assistance in acquiring a new SIM card for her phone. Shane personally worked with Ms. M to acquire the new SIM for her phone. 5. During her time at OLSA, Ms. M had her birthday. OLSA purchased Ms. M a small birthday cake and celebrated her birthday with her and with her dance class. 6. In an effort to provide Ms. M with dance practice outside of the classroom lessons, Ms. M was invited to several group dance events, free of charge, which she accepted. REVIEWS OLSA International is a certified Spanish academy that offers certified Spanish courses + conversational Spanish classes + conversational English classes + Latin dance classes + excursions + language exchanges + social events. The number of people we work with on a weekly-basis along with the quality of our courses/classes and sometimes free events we offer, are the driving force behind the number of 5-star reviews we receive. Though we may say something like, “If you enjoyed the event tonight, please let us know with a Google Review!”, this is in no way "pressuring" people for reviews, but is simply a good business model. Our reviews are never cohoused and there is never any quid-pro-quo for reviews. MS. M’S COMPLAINT We absolutely respect Ms. M’s right to express a valid complaint, but not to commit libel. Her complaint seems to express is that she was unhappy with an event during one of her dance classes. She informed Shane through WhatsApp that she did not want to take her final two classes (after completing 14 of 16 classes and several free group classes) and that she wanted a refund for those two classes. Shane spoke directly with the dance director, Jhon, to have them work out the issue between the two of them. Ms. M responded to Shane after Jhon’s message that she “would rather not deal with it”. Jhon, our dance director, has been working with OLSA for approximately two-and-a-half years. We have found him to be a fun, high-energy and encouraging person. In addition to his work at OLSA, he is often hired out to discotecas, and other venues, for his dance skills and choreography. We are sincerely very happy that Ms. M found additional dance teachers that she is more comfortable with and we wish her the very best during her stay here in Colombia. ~Shane
Jalysza Kestner
Jalysza Kestner: Great school. The staff and teachers are really invested in the students’ education. They offer conversational lessons that help improve your speech and understanding. They have activities outside of class like the language exchange to allow you to test your knowledge, get some practice and have fun. Overall, a great place to learn English or Spanish.
Response: Thank you so much Jalysza! Very kind of you! ~Shane

5. Medellin English Speaking Dentist - Comuna 9 - Buenos Aires

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27 reviews
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Medellin English Speaking Dentist
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Address: Carulla Las Palmas (Centro Empresarial Palms Avenue) Of. 330 Las Palmas, El Poblado, Medellín, Antioquia, Colombia

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 8 AM

Telephone: +57 300 3832926

Business type: Dentist

Medellin English Speaking Dentist: what do users think?
Matthew: I’ve had a good experience at this dentist in the past but this time was not as great. My dentist was great and friendly and the cleaning was all fine and normal but my issue was with the zoom whitening. In my opinion they should really tell you that LED whitening is much better for people with sensitive teeth than Zoom whitening before booking the appointment. As soon as the zoom whitening finished I had horrible shooting pains throughout my teeth. And when I asked the staff for some gel to help with the pain they said they couldn’t give me any because it all comes in “kits”. To be fair, if you are administering procedures that could cause patients potential pain then it’s your responsibility to have extra inventory for things to help alleviate that pain. The receptionist suggested that I go by a tooth sensitive toothpaste in the grocery store which was kind of ridiculous. Again I realize this is probably because I have sensitive teeth and most people probably wouldn’t have this problem but still not a great experience and these intense shooting pains I still have hours after the appointment could probably be prevented by providing patients with take-home gel kits (a simple Google search shows this as common practice). Again, really like the staff and dental office (definitely one of the best in Medellin) but the whitening is experience can be improved by better informing the patient and/or providing take home gel kits for pain prevention.
Hannah Stegen
Hannah Stegen: I got a teeth whitening and cleaning here. Everything was seamless and I love the results! I will definitely be back. I received the Zoom treatment. I have very sensitive teeth and I was a bit worried this would make it worse, but there were no effect afterwards and the results are excellent. Getting into a dentist back home takes months and they were able to set up an appointment within the week. Everyone was extremely nice, appointments were running on time and the facilities were very nice and clean.
Lawrence McClay
Lawrence McClay: My wife and I flew down to Medellin to see Dr Juan Carlos Mejia based on the recommendation of a local expat. I chose to come to Colombia because of how ridiculously expensive it is to get good dental care in the USA. My wife received excellent treatment for 5 dental implants and I had an extraction and dental implant. He uses the top of the line Straumann implants Dr Juan Carlos is a true professional and as good of not better than any dentist in Los Angeles. He speaks perfect English and you will be receiving the best care possible.
Response: Hello Lawrence! Thank you for these amazing words
Medellin Victor
Medellin Victor: I met with Dr. Juan Carlos Mejia this week. I was thrilled to learn he speaks perfect English. Dr Juan is very professional and personable. He went into great detail the treatment he suggested for me and answered all of questions and concerns. I highly recommend his services to anyone seeking dental care.
Response: Hello Victor! Thank you for this wonderful review!
Sue Ghere
Sue Ghere: My husband and I have been to this dental office several times now. This dentist studied in America and speaks perfect English. I have had amazing care here. I would highly recommend him and all of the professionals with which he works. His staff is kind and friendly. He even has some amazing techniques to help the shots hurt significantly less!
Response: We are so happy to read this words!
Jeff R
Jeff R: I have been seeing Dr. Mejia for over four years. He is an excellent dentist. What is the amazing to me is that in the United States a dental assistant usually is the one that does the cleaning not here it is done by him. Dr.Mejia spends the entire appointment with you and also is very patient and takes his time. He speaks excellent English and has a great office and very nice staff. His prices are right on point as well. If you need a specialist he can suggest that as well.
Response: Thank you Jeff! You´ll always be welcome! hope to see you soon!
Tom Brookhart
Tom Brookhart: I have lived in Colombia and Medellin for over seven years and in that period have utilized the services of multiple dentists. None can compare to the service of Dr. Juan Carlos and Clinic Artica. I have come to trust that I am receiving state of the art dental support and expertise with them. I particularly like that Dr. Juan Carlos is all business when I am in his care. His attention is 100% on giving me his best professional treatment. I am also highly impressed and grateful with the way Dr. Juan Carlos works with other dental specialists in this office to combine their skills for my best dental outcome. I also like that they respect my time in setting and starting treatments on time.
Response: It would be always our pleasure to see you and attend you! Kind regards!
Roger Leavitt
Roger Leavitt: Horrible experience. I had an appointment for a cleaning at 3Pm on Tuesday. They texted me on Monday to confirm my appointment at 11AM. It just got changed for no reason! I had to cancel because I already had meetings at that time. Go to another dentist. This place is horrible.
Chow Mein
Chow Mein: The Clinica Artica dental office of Dr. Juan Carlos Mejia is absolutely the best! I have experienced the most Outstanding dental work and support from their amazing staff. Dr. Juan Carlo Mejia does a great job of explaining procedures (in English) and anything related to the management and overall health of your dental work. Overall having the assurance and confident support from Dr. Juan Carlos Mejia and staff makes getting any dental work done a great experience. Book your trip to Colombia and take care of your dental work too it is well worth.
Response: Thank you for this awesome review. Our team loves to seeing these words. You will always be welcome!
Jeff Jacobs
Jeff Jacobs: Highly recommend the practice at Medellin English Speaking Dentists! All the staff are very professional competent and courteous. The dentists and the staff explain all procedures and processes in excellent English. They are patient and accommodating. You will be happy with the practice and staff.
Response: Thank you Jeff for this amazing review!

6. International Smiles / Dental Clinic With A Humane Touch! - Comuna 14 - El Poblado

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230 reviews
new review
International Smiles / Dental Clinic With A Humane Touch!
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Address: Cl. 11 #30 A 21, El Poblado, Medellín, El Poblado, Medellín, Antioquia, Colombia

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 8 AM

Telephone: +57 300 6118015

Business type: Dental clinic

International Smiles / Dental Clinic With A Humane Touch!: what do users think?
J Brons
J Brons: Surely my favorite dentists. From eye massages and steam facial while and after treaments. Had mercury fillings removed, root canal treatment, porcelain crowns and tooth whitening for a fraction of the price and mind you this is the absolute finest in dentistry in Medellin. I came here based in the reviews and left happy as can be. On my last day I got a couple of cakes as a super thank you to all the girls that helped me. Definitely an absolute 5 star experience!
Response: Mr Brons Thank you for showing so much appreciation with the cakes we enjoyed them immensely as a family, we feel happy and proud of the work done and the success of the procedure, no doubt you are a great patient.
Johanna: I had the best dental experience of my life - not even an exaggeration, last week and I may never visit any other dental outfit again. I’ve never been treated with such kindness, fairness and compassion along with having the whole process cost pennies on the dollar, compared to US rates. Also, it’s certainly worth it to mention that Gabriela and team were totally transparent about unnecessary procedures that US dentists were ready to charge me thousands of dollars for, which were on the treatment plan I brought with me. I am so thrilled to have found the Smile team and (I’ve never said this about a dentist before) I can’t to go back! Thank you so much!!
Response: Johanna We love to hear that you had a unique and amazing experience, thank you for recognizing our strengths, We always appreciate your comments to keep us motivated and bring the most beautiful smiles to our patients.
Jennifer Santillan
Jennifer Santillan: Without a doubt the most remarkable experience I have ever had at a dental office. Instead of getting a dental crown in the US for an insane amount of money I decided to wait to get it in Colombia for a fraction of the price, and I am so incredibly happy that I did. This place provided excellent care and attention to detail that I have never seen back home. You literally get to lie down with a neck and head massage wrap while soothing music plays in the background, which is so helpful in distracting you from any discomfort felt during the procedures. I cannot say enough about Dr. Gloria Arbelaez, she was so knowledgeable, friendly, and caring. She and the rest of the team did an excellent job with my dental crown. Friends and family cannot tell the difference between the crown and my real teeth. Very high quality and natural-looking. It has now been 3 months since I got it placed and I have had no issues. I am extremely satisfied and cannot recommend this place enough. Thank you for your services!
Response: Mrs Santillana. thanks to you for traveling to perform your procedure with us, We have the best technology to make your procedures successful, also professionals updated with the latest protocols of evidence-based medicine and thus provide the best service to meet your dental needs in the best way. Thank you for choosing and preferring us
Simon M
Simon M: One of the best and most professional dentist clinics I’ve ever been to! Was visiting Medellin from California and gave it a shot to go and get a night guard done, From the receptionist to the dentist everyone was helpful and super nice! They were able to go above and beyond and squeeze me in their busy calendar and also would like to thank my dentist “Daniela” who was way too patient and took her time to work with me.. Nothing but good words about everything and everyone at International Smiles :)
Response: Mr. Simon always our patients and their treatments are a priority for us. Our executives of customer service will always be ready to schedule our patients at the most convenient time and are available, our staff will greet you with a big smile. Thanks you for writing your review we appreciate it.
Roisin Mulligan
Roisin Mulligan: Great service and amazingly friendly staff. They do everything possible to make you feel comfortable, and develop a good relationship with their patients, speaking in both English and Spanish. Would recommend to anyone seeking dental treatment. The reception staff are also lovely and make you feel welcome from the moment you step through the door :)
Response: Mr Mulligan thank you for leaving your testimony of your experience, thank you for entrusting your smile in professional hands which will always be at your service.
Shawn Judge
Shawn Judge: Very very happy with the service I received here. I am blown away with my new smile. I needed a fair amount of work with my gums and to repair damage from years of grinding my teeth. All the staff are wonderful and took great care of me. Dr Gloria helped me through everything step by step. I now smile with more confidence than ever before and I highly recommend their services. The only feedback I have for the business is to explain any additional costs and treatments beforehand. Had to have a little extra gum work done and wasn’t expecting the bump in price. That being said it’s still a fraction of what it would have cost back home in Canada so it’s not a big deal, just proper expectations help. Again very happy and highly recommended. Gracias Dr Gloria y a todas!!!
Response: Mr. Judge, in the first instance we will have your feedback to continue to take care of every detail of care and procedures that become necessary once we start the treatment plan are considered from the beginning. We are also very happy that you can show off an intenational smile smiles, healthy and aesthetic. Thank you Dr Gloria and all The International Smiles team
Ken Mclaughlin
Ken Mclaughlin: I love this place, everyone was kind and polite and very professional, they did their best to accommodate me and my dental needs, and I plan to keep using them for all my dental work. I highly recommend this practice to anyone needing dental work at a reasonable price. I give them a 10 out of 10.
Response: Mr. Mclaughlin, human quality is one of our most important values, we would love to be the ones who take care of your oral health for the rest of your life so you can have a beautiful and healthy smile. Thank you for giving us the highest rating.

7. LASIK Colombia Care - English-Speaking Eye Doctor Medellin - Comuna 14 - El Poblado

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6 reviews
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LASIK Colombia Care - English-Speaking Eye Doctor Medellin
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Address: Torre Medica del parque commercial Tesoro Cra 25A # 1A sur 45, consultorio 1934, Medellín, Antioquia, Colombia

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 8 AM

Telephone: +57 301 3817159

Business type: Medical Center

LASIK Colombia Care - English-Speaking Eye Doctor Medellin: what do users think?
Michael Ciullo
Michael Ciullo: This was about as easy as a surgery could get. Colombia Care provided transportation to and from my eye appointment, as well as the day of the operation. The operation took about five minutes and I was seeing perfectly in two days. It has been about a year since I had the surgery and my vision is still 20/20. I would highly recommend Colombia Care for Lasik considering it was easy and extremely cheap in comparison to US prices.
Franchesca Rivera
Franchesca Rivera: As an American, traveling abroad to do my lasik eye surgery in Colombia I was a bit hesitant. I had several friends who had done their lasik eye surgery in Medellin, Colombia and had great experiences so trusted I would as well. Upon arriving to Colombia for my appointment I was set up with a driver and someone who spoke Spanish to attend the appointment with me. Upon arriving to the clinic, it was very modern, clean, up to date just like back home in Florida. All of the assistants and Dr. Jaramillo were so kind and helpful from beginning to end. In Colombia the culture is much different than in the states, they genuinely take their time with you and listen to you and take care of you. If you have any questions following the procedures the doctors give you their information so you can personally reach out to them! Nicholas was so helpful with all my questions months prior to any procedures and still continues to answer any questions I may have. Colombia care is very professional and perfect for Americans who do not want to spend double or triple the price for a procedure done back in the states. Thank you Colombia care! :)
Brett S
Brett S: Fast and easy. Professional, friendly, clean and the doc speaks English as well. I have nothing negative to say about my experience and now I have better than 20/20 vision.

8. - Comuna 14 - El Poblado

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326 reviews
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Address: Av Poblado #1 Sur-188 Oficina 508, Medellín, Antioquia, Colombia

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 8 AM

Telephone: (954) 799-3692

Business type: Immigration & naturalization service what do users think?
Trang T
Trang T: I really appreciate the professionalism, knowledge and friendliness of the Expat Group in helping me to obtain my Colombian visa. The team responded quickly to questions and provided good communication throughout the process. My entire process took almost 3 months as it took some time to gather the needed documents. Once everything was submitted, the ministry approved my visa in less than 2 weeks. I received great service and would highly recommend the Expat Group!
Response: Thank you for your kindness and trusting us to process your Marriage visa, it was our pleasure to help you. Best regards💙
Ty Burgess
Ty Burgess: I was recommended to ExpatGroup for my Colombian Residency Visa and they made the process very easy. Dealing with government agencies can be difficult and they helped me navigate everything. They also helped to facilitate the purchase of my apartment and helped with the transfer of funds. They are a great company to work with and I highly recommend them to anyone thinking of relocating to beautiful Colombia. Five Stars!
Response: Hey Tyler!! thank you very much for your trust, for processing with us not only your visa but also for taking our Real Estate service. We are glad to read about your experience with us 💙
From Zeme
From Zeme: I had a great experience with this team, I got rejected visa application when I did it myself and there was no time to apply second time. I was please to know that they accepted to do it and even more pleased when I got the email that my visa got extended in Colombia. I would definitely recommend this company, they seem to have real competence in what they do. Thank you.
Response: Thank you very much for your trust and for doing your processes with us💙. We are happy every time we achieve successful processes
Yunisbel Pazos
Yunisbel Pazos: The Expat group is amazing! Very professional, organized, and resourceful. I had terrible experience with the first 2 attorneys I used before but David and Santiago from the Expat group were nothing less than excellent. Great work!
Response: Thank you very much for trusting the expatgroup team to carry out your processes and thank you for your kind words. Best regards! 🙌 💙
John Johnson
John Johnson: Very friendly and professional staff and was willing to go the extra mile to make sure all my documents were in order from day one. I was able to get my visa in 45 days from start to finish. Thank you Expat Group. Job well done!!
Response: Hi, thank you very much for taking the time and sharing your experience. We are glad that you feel more than pleased with the service provided. Regards
gregory vega
gregory vega: After having a 1 hour video conference with Daniela, who was great by the way, I signed up for the service and they took care of everything! It was great. Let me add that I kind of waited for the last moment and they took care of it anyway. Now they are working on my retirement Visa. I highly recommend the service
Response: Gregory, Best regards, thank you very much for choosing the expatgroup team to process your Retirement Visa and for taking the time to recommend us with such kind words.
Jon Bauer
Jon Bauer: The visa application process was swift and easy. Everyone who assisted me was polite, efficient, knowledgeable, and helpful with all questions I had. Well worth the money, and I will use them again should the need arise.
Response: John, thank you very much for trusting and doing your process with us 💙. We are ready when you need our assistance 🙌

9. Paisa Internship - Comuna 14 - El Poblado

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3 reviews
new review
Paisa Internship
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Address: Cl 10 #42-28, El Poblado, Medellín, El Poblado, Medellín, Antioquia, Colombia

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 8 AM

Telephone: +31 20 893 2414

Business type: Education center

Paisa Internship: what do users think?
Angy Gutiérrez
Angy Gutiérrez: Paisa Internship helped me to find the job of my dreams. I was looking for a digital marketing internship and in less than a month, thanks to Paisa Internship, I ended up moving to Medellín, working for a company in the best location you can find in the city and exactly in what I wanted. Now I am done with my bachelors and I am the digital marketing coordinator of the company. If you are looking for an internship in a specific area.. I highly recommend Paisa Internship!
T van Dijk
T van Dijk: A good company, where you are taken into what Colombia has to offer for the student looking for an internship. Extensive selection of various companies in different sectors. Something for everyone. Good pre- and aftercare during the search process. Has knowledge about what the market has to offer and fits in well with the wishes of the customer. In addition, it also offers good accommodations that are located close to universities in combination with a good connection with public transport.
Tristan Appelmann
Tristan Appelmann: Very good experience and improved my Spanish a lot

10. Dental Specialists LIV - Comuna 14 - El Poblado

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7 reviews
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Dental Specialists LIV
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Address: Torre Médica 2, Centro Comercial El Tesoro #Oficina 4799, El Poblado, Medellín, El Poblado, Medellín, Antioquia, Colombia

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 8 AM

Telephone: +57 300 7008281

Business type: Dental clinic

Dental Specialists LIV: what do users think?
Steve Caldwell (StevusC)
Steve Caldwell (StevusC): I’ve been traveling from the US to see Dr. Camilo Aguirre for several years. Always great and outstanding attention to detail. His entire staff are true professionals attentive to give a fantastic experience and always leaving with a perfect smile. Thanks so much to you and entire staff.
Matthew Diez
Matthew Diez: The dentists here are great! They speak really good English and know what they’re doing. Camilo, one of the dentists who attended me there, did a great job on a root canal that I needed. He knew how to make the procedure as painless as possible, that was a very importante factor for me since I was in a great amount of pain. Their rates are competitive considering that they speak English and are specialists in a number of areas. I highly recommend anyone to get their dental treatments/operations here!
Response: Thank you much for your kind review
Martha Quintero
Martha Quintero: A very professional work team with great human sense. Attentive to any situation that arises during treatment. I recommend them blindly. They did a job for my husband who came from the United States, because it was not possible there due to the complexity, but the professional Juan José dared to do it and it was a complete success. My congratulations 👏
Dark Mountain Pictures
Dark Mountain Pictures: An EXCELLENT Doctor! Recommended 1000% !!!!

11. Colombia Care Dental - English Speaking Cosmetic Dentist - Comuna 14 - El Poblado

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39 reviews
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Colombia Care Dental - English Speaking Cosmetic Dentist
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Address: Cl. 2 #20-50 Consultorio 1205, El Poblado, Medellín, El Poblado, Medellín, Antioquia, Colombia

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 8 AM

Telephone: +57 301 3817159

Business type: Dental clinic

Colombia Care Dental - English Speaking Cosmetic Dentist: what do users think?
Ekaterina Braga
Ekaterina Braga: Juliana was very nice and professional. She went above and beyond in evaluating my concern and was also extremely helpful after the appointment when I had questions about the teeth matters that I didn’t bring up during my visit. The office is in a new clean medical building by el Tesoro mall. The x-rays were handled on the spot at the partner facility on the other floor. The scheduling was easy via What’s up. It was very comforting to understand everything Juliana has to say as she spoke perfect English. This dentist office was recommended to me by a friend and I will defiantly recommend it to anyone else seeking a good dentist in Medellin.
William Garcia
William Garcia: I want to say Juliana who coordinated everything for me to get my teeth done was 100 percent professional and made me feel comfortable in getting my teeth done. Doctors Luisa exceeded what I expected on getting my teeth done. The work done made me feel and look like a new man. Juan there driver was an excellent and made sure I was taken care of by getting safely to my destinations. Overall, I would recommend this place for everyone to get there teeth done and would not be disappointed. Thank you to you all!
Karime J. Maldonado Rios
Karime J. Maldonado Rios: This was an emotional journey and thanks to everyone in the team for advocating and going above and beyond for me. Even with obstacles they never gave up and were genuine and honest since the beginning. After, 19yrs going from dentist to dentist, full of debt and false hope… I found this place and I am so glad I dit! Beyond happy with their service and care! Recommend 5/5
Bigman Bobcat & Tractor
Bigman Bobcat & Tractor: My name is Larry Glass, I would like to say that Colombia Care Dental is the best. I had a wonderful experience. The location is good. They are located in the Poblado Area, which is a very nice upscale area in Medellin. The location is very professional, clean and safe. Juliana, who was the coordinator that organized my trip, did a outstanding job with the planning, scheduling and putting everything together. The primary cosmetic dentist, she is a true technician when it comes to cosmetic dentistry. She was able to resculpt my entire mouth. The root canal specialist and the oral surgeon were great as well. All of the dentist are very meticulous with their work, which I really appreciated. I will recommend them to anyone in need of cosmetic or major dental work. (#3 root canals, #4 implants with crowns installed, #16 verneers,#1 bridge repair, repaired #2 misaligned teeth and a wisdom tooth extraction) Thank You Colombia Care For The outstanding work that you did for me, Larry Glass
rafael Acevedo
rafael Acevedo: They were helpful with the hotel stay very diligent and cordial. They were thorough with the explanation of the procedure. The dentist had very soft hands. Thank you for all you did.Rafael.
J Waller
J Waller: Excellent service and results. Experts is cosmetic and mechanical dentistry repairs and improvements. You are in GREAT hands with both Julia and Laura.
Keith Syler
Keith Syler: I had a great experience and got a new smile! The team at Colombia Care Dental was efficient, attentive, and professional. What’s more, Medellin is a great city to explore in between appointments. It’s a cost-effective and fun way to obtain dental work that I couldn’t afford in the USA.

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